Us Lights

Local Portland band Us Lights has been on blast here at the Killing Sasquatch den lately. With their giant pop sound, Us Lights’ music has an epic style to it. The first thing you notice about the band is the vocals and how beautifully sprawled out they are over the entire track. I also love the way they create a build in almost every song, they have phenomenal songwriting. Us Lights is about to go on tour in eastern Europe, so check out their dates and venues here. They also have a new album that is set to come out at the end of August in Europe, with a US date still to be determined. Check out the new single “Mothers Fathers” below.

Us Lights – Crown from ARKWAGON on Vimeo.

Adult Jazz

Brand new music from UK natives Adult Jazz. This is the debut full length album from the four piece, it’s called Gist Is. This album has a whole slew of influences, a lot of jazz, pop, and of course soul music. I feel like some people will compare them to another UK band known as Alt-J, which I agree with, yet there’s an underlying difference. Adult Jazz has a more acoustic sound. The track that stands out most to me is “Spook.” Definitely an album to put in your earholes.

Dana Buoy

Another new release from yet another Portland artist, Dana Buoy. Preacher is the new 5 track EP from Dana Buoy. This release comes two years after his full length debut Summer Bodies. Dana Buoy’s new EP is a great power-pop album that starts off with really open melodies and dancey rhythms. His music has a pretty distinct island jam sound to it, that comes through on the track “It’s Alright”. The title track would have to be my favorite track. Dana Buoy will be touring in August in select cities, so be sure to check him out.

Just Lions

Another new release from a Portland band recently is Great. Okay. by Just Lions. This three song EP sounds really good you guys. Just Lions have a great indie-pop-rock sound to them. The thing that stands out the most is the melodies to each song. They are so well written, and really get stuck in your head easily. The only thing negative about it, is that it is too short of an EP. Check out Great. Okay. by Just Lions and download it for free!


Brand new music from local Portlanders Talkative. This album has been a long time coming for this indie psych-rock band. It is called Hot Fruit Barbeque. Talkative has a stoner punk kind of sound, though it is deeper than that. The music is a great blend of experimental noise-rock and psychedelic pop. Hot Fruit Barbeque is a fantastic album and at the very least give it a full listen, then buy the album.