Duke Evers

Duke Evers EP, Handful of Pennies starts with their single, “Lions” that grabs your attention immediately with catchy guitar chords and a drum rhythm that makes you just want to dance. This is feel good Indie Rock at its finest. Hailing from Seattle with a Blues/Pop mix that has a magnetic pull that draws you in and holds you hostage until the music stops. Duke Evers has an energy that will bleed into anyone’s soul and resonate there. The combination of Kyle Veazey (drums) and Josh Starkel (vocals/guitar) is a combination of pure musical bliss. Through the four track EP they show incredible diversity in range, tempo, rhythm, and originality. Their track, “Seaside” is incredibly catchy and is sure to be a favorite with Josh Starkel’s appealing, smooth voice and Kyle Veazey’s clean, upbeat drum hits.
The album has an enigmatic feel that is both unique to them while being strangely familiar. Handful of Pennies drops today so be sure to give it a listen, it is well worth your time.

Holiday Friends

Brand new music from Astoria, OR band, Holiday Friends. This is their second full length album, called Major Magic. They have been working on this album since late last year, and it sounds pretty incredible. Holiday Friends really bring their live performance energy into the recordings of Major Magic. The style of music is very sensational and poppy, with jangly guitar riffs and great harmonies to round out the sound. The single “Astral Observations” has been a favorite of mine since their debut album Chicks. “Night Vision Mode,” “Spirit Girl,” and “Sugar High” are really good, catchy songs that instantly make you want to dance and sing along.

Odesza + Slow Magic

Brand new music from our favorite electronic artists, Odesza and Slow Magic. Both of these artists have a great chill vibe, yet still provides a great dance beat to their music.

We’ll start with Seattle duo Odesza. The new album is called In Return and it is great. These guys take big beats and samples/vocals to the next level. Odesza has a sound that is best listened to in slow motion. The tracks that stand out are “Bloom,” “All We Need” (feat. local Portland band Shy Girls), and “Koto.” In Return is a very beautiful album that is very dynamic. I believe it will be in the top album list at the end of the year.

Slow Magic has a more house vibe going on with his new record, How to Run Away. The new album definitely brings the energy that comes from his live performances. The builds and drops that occur are well constructed and not overplayed. Overall Slow Magic brings the chill energy to How to Run Away. Make sure to listen.


The debut full length album is finally out for the five piece from Fayetteville, Arkansas. Feel Not Bad is the name of this bliss-pop album. It has a mixture of re-recorded songs from their previous EPs and a couple of brand new songs. Swimming’s music sounds like when you have an unexpected day off and everything goes your way. Big guitar sounds, a driving drum beat, and well written lyrics is what Swimming brings to your ears. Feel Not Bad will do just that; not make you feel bad.

Us Lights

Local Portland band Us Lights has been on blast here at the Killing Sasquatch den lately. With their giant pop sound, Us Lights’ music has an epic style to it. The first thing you notice about the band is the vocals and how beautifully sprawled out they are over the entire track. I also love the way they create a build in almost every song, they have phenomenal songwriting. Us Lights is about to go on tour in eastern Europe, so check out their dates and venues here. They also have a new album that is set to come out at the end of August in Europe, with a US date still to be determined. Check out the new single “Mothers Fathers” below.

Us Lights – Crown from ARKWAGON on Vimeo.