Just Lions

Another new release from a Portland band recently is Great. Okay. by Just Lions. This three song EP sounds really good you guys. Just Lions have a great indie-pop-rock sound to them. The thing that stands out the most is the melodies to each song. They are so well written, and really get stuck in your head easily. The only thing negative about it, is that it is too short of an EP. Check out Great. Okay. by Just Lions and download it for free!


Brand new music from local Portlanders Talkative. This album has been a long time coming for this indie psych-rock band. It is called Hot Fruit Barbeque. Talkative has a stoner punk kind of sound, though it is deeper than that. The music is a great blend of experimental noise-rock and psychedelic pop. Hot Fruit Barbeque is a fantastic album and at the very least give it a full listen, then buy the album.

Live: Blitzen Trapper

The 1st of July saw the return of Red Bull Sound Selects to Mississippi Studios. Once again it was a packed show featuring all Portland artists. First to play was Tiburones. A band that we have featured before. They have a great spicy rock sound to them, and though they don’t have anything recorded that I can share, check out the projects they worked on before becoming a band. Death Songs, Y La Bamba.


After Tiburones, Pony Village played next. With a sound that is something like Death Cab and Dinosaur Jr. with a little twang to it, makes for a quick likening. These guys are working on some new material that they are hoping to get recorded this summer so be on the lookout for that.


The headliner for the show was Blitzen Trapper. They put on a pretty good show, though it kinda lost momentum towards the end. But these guys have a great neo-western rock sound.

(All photos by Aaron Rogosin)

Tiaga – Stone Goddess

Brand new music from Redmond, WA band Taiga. This is their second full length album and it’s called Stone Goddess. Taiga’s sound is a psychedelic rock based music with sitar laced riffs along with an alternative feel to it. Their mix of music is great mix of hard psych-metal and contemporary classic rock. Stone Goddess is a pleasure to listen to, so go do it.

Live: Yacht + Wampire

The first Tuesday of the month saw the latest installment of Red Bull Sound Select show featuring Yacht, Wampire, and Snowblind Traveler. All local musicians.

The show started off with Snowblind Traveler. A solo singer/songwriter that has a beautiful voice and a great mustache. Most of his songs are about whiskey and love and death. All good stuff in my book. His next album is set to come out sometime in August and it will be called Confederate Burial.

Snowblind Traveler

Next was Wampire. Not only do they have a great indie rock sound to them, they also played The Lost Boys on the projector for the entire show. Their latest release is called Curiosity and is really good so check it.


The headliners were Yacht. Their sound is a little more eccentric. They have a indie electronic-pop computer sounds to them. Very fresh and dancey. The show was a good one as always, and we are looking forward to the next one with Blitzen Trapper.