Treefort Music Fest pt 1

In it’s fourth year of existence, Treefort Music Festival has established itself as the go to festival in the Northwest. Everything from technology to film to yoga, Treefort has it all, but of course we were there for the music.
The Killing Sasquatch crew was four strong this year and faced a little adversity to begin the trip. Our car broke down about 100 miles east of Portland, so we missed out of the festivities on Wednesday. Though spirits were down to begin the weekend, we were able to rally for a most excellent adventure.

Our journey began on Thursday at Tom Grainey’s with Bliiss and Blackwater Prophet.


Bliiss (Photo: Keith Chaloux)

Bliiss is the new jam. Their songs are imaginative and distinctly stoney. Bliiss draws from a huge variety of great early heavy metal, garage rock, pop, and rock ‘n’ roll to get their groovy freshness.

Blackwater Prophet

Blackwater Prophet (Photo: Josh Pino)

Blackwater Prophet has a similar sound to Bliiss, with more psychedelia influences.

Then we went to see local Portlanders The Shivas.
The Shivas
The Shivas (Photo: Jeff Hoffman)

The Shivas (Photo: Josh Pino)

BOYS were playing next, filling in for The Velvet Teen at Neurolux. Then Cymbals Eat Guitars were right after them.
BOYS (Photo: Jeff Hoffman)

Cymbals Eat Guitars
Cymbals Eat Guitars 2 (Photo: Keith Chaloux)

Cymbals Eat Guitars (Photo: Keith Chaloux)

We also caught The Bleach Effect, Jason Webley, and A Seasonal Disguise before one of our favorite Portland bands Animal Eyes.

The Bleach Effect

The Bleach Effect (Photo: Jeff Hoffman)

Electronic duo from Boise. These two guys have super bass heavy jams that sound like they belong in video games. They definitely remind me of Magic Sword so check them out.

A Seasonal Disguise

A Seasonal Disguise (Photo: Keith Chaloux)

A Seasonal Disguise is reminiscent of all the best nostalgia from 2000s indie rock; Andrew Bird, Conor Oberst, etc. Their high energy live shows translates onto lush recordings like Waterfowl of Western Canada EP. This is deeply thoughtful music for the introspective side of us all.

Jason Webley

Jason Webley (Photo: Josh Pino)

Jason Webley is a singer/songwriter that is on the folk spectrum of music. With a beautiful voice and accordion as a choice weapon for Webley, the music makes one reminisce on their own life. He was joined on stage by members of Animal Eyes and Jumping Sharks

Animal Eyes

Animal Eyes (Photo: Keith Chaloux)

Animal Eyes (Photo: Josh Pino)

Animal Eyes are one of our favorite bands from Portland. They have an incredible mix of folk, pop, and indie rock that just reaches out to the soul and comforts it.

BOYS + King Brat

New music from two bands that will be at Treefort Music Fest next week. They just released a split EP together and it is fantastic. First is Missoula, MT band BOYS. These guys have a great garage punk-rock sound to them. Really fuzzy guitar riffs and open cymbals make for a dizzying, drunken effect, perfect for late night parties in someones basement. They play Friday night (3/27) at Knitting Factory.

King Brat is from Boise and unfortunately Treefort will be their last performance as a band. But it’s not too late to enjoy their music. King Brat also has that punk-rock sound, but leans a little to emo spectrum. They have great songwriting along with fast paced guitar riffs that make for super catchy dance music. Make sure to catch them after BOYS on Friday night.

Summer Cannibals

New music from one of our favorite Portland artists Summer Cannibals. Their second full length album is called Show Us Your Mind. These rock and rollers play crunchy, heart-pumping punked out rock music. Show Us Your Mind is not much different from their previous album, Summer Cannibals crank out highly addictive songs. It is hard to say what song is my favorite, since the whole album is incredible, but I’ll narrow it down to the title track, “All It Takes,” and “Make You Better.” Summer Cannibals are in Austin for SXSW and will be at Treefort Music Fest next week.

Dan Deacon

A new Dan Deacon album dropped at the end of February, called Gliss Riffer. Dan Deacon really turns it up a notch with his latest release. The eclectic elcectro-pop artist is known for his glitchy beats and modulated vocals. Gliss Riffer does not disappoint in the art of being a dancey, universal pop album. Dan Deacon starts it off with one of my favorite tracks “Feel the Lightning.” An epic pop anthem about a particular moment in time that you want to last forever. Not sure if he was going for that, but that is how I feel about the song. “When I Was Done Dying” is another great song that has abstract lyrics, but the music makes you feel like you know what he is singing about. Overall, Gliss Riffer is one of my favorites that has come out this year and is a must listen.

Seizure Warning for the video below.

Live: Slow Magic + Manatee Commune

Last night saw the return of Red Bull Sound Select showcase here in Portland. It was another amazing show with a killer lineup featuring a couple artists that we love, Slow Magic and Manatee Commune.

The night started off with local electro DJ, Quarry. His recordings sound different than his live show, but what is important is his style of beat making. I really enjoy his work, whether it’s a beautiful melody that can put you to sleep, or an abrasive dance beat that gets all your body parts moving.

(Photo credit: Aaron Rogosin)

Next was an artist that we have featured many times here, and for good reason, it was Manatee Commune. For his second time in Portland, Manatee Commune just absolutely destroyed the Doug Fir Lounge. The crowd was grooving and grinding to the chillwave beats.

Manatee Commune
(Photo credit: Killing Sasquatch)

The headliner for the night was Slow Magic. An incredible anonymous electronic artist, that wears a glowing mask and drums on two toms like a wild child. The live show is so fun, he is a must see act.

Slow Magic
(Photo credit: Aaron Rogosin)