Shlohmo + Rangers

Today I thought I would share some really awesome instrumental music for the weekend. So first up is an artist from California named Shlohmo. Some really great synth layering with some heavy 8-bit influence for the melody. Super groovy to listen to all the way through the 57 minutes of the album Bad Vibes. Yeah it’s really good so check it out here. Also the video for “Just Us” down below is really good too.

Rangers is another really cool band. Their type of instrumental music is more on the spacey guitar kind of lo-fi sound that travels through time and space according to its own agenda. The album is titled Pan Am Stories and it’s available now on Not Not Fun. You can also check out the album here.

Some Dope Hip-Hop

So I have been busting some pretty heavy hip-hop this last weekend. Starting it off with one of the fastest growing artists, A$AP Rocky. His beats are smooth and silky, I haven’t been able to get them out of my head for the last couple of days. Download his mixtape Live.Love.ASAP here. Check out the great video for the single “Purple Swag” below.

Now check out these up and comers, Champagne Champagne. A great mix of indie rock with hip-hop and some fresh delivered rhymes. You can go to either their website here or their soundcloud page here. Below is a little tease called “Molly Ringwald.”

Molly Ringwald by Champagne Champagne

Coming out with a new mixtape of his own just two weeks ago is Schoolyboy Q. He has such a great flow and style that spans all kind of hip-hop/rap. Check out most of the new stuff from Habits And Contradictions here. Also a dope Kid Cudi sample below.

The Babies + Lower Dens + Young Magic

So I have come across some really great music this week and need to share it all. The first band up is The Babies. With their own brand of DIY, they give indie punk-rock a refreshingly awesome sound. Their self-titled debut album is really well put together. I really enjoy the album and looking forward to see what they come out with in the future as well. Check them out here.
Something that’s more chilled out is a band called Lower Dens. Their full length that came out in 2010 is titled Twin-Hand Movement. I like it a lot, mostly because it sounds cool. Check out that album here. They also came out with a brand new single “Brains.” So make sure to check that out too.
Lower Dens – Brains by Neighborhood Tapes

Young Magic is a new band that released two 7″ last year. Another great band with a great sound to it. This time in the form of a tribal electronic that’s nice and relaxed. Their “You With Air” and “Sparkly” singles can be downloaded for free here, and stream the other two for free.

Just Another Tuesday

So today sees the release of Cate Le Bon’s second full length, CYRK. This album is really good. This is another great female lead vocal, lo-fi rock band. Something about the way she sings brings a whole other level of coolness to the music. Check out CYRK for free here.

Cate Le Bon “Puts Me To Work” by Controlgroupco

Another new band that I have come across is Trailer Trash Tracys. Yet another female lead vocalist in a chilled wave, rock and roll band. Their release is called Ester. This album is more electronic than the Cate le Bon album, but still has some cool guitar/bass lines that comes through and set the tone. check out some of the new album here, and catch the awesome single “You Wish You Were Red” below.

Last but not least is the new single from Sleight Bells called “Comeback Kid.” Very classic Sleigh Bells hard/dirty pop. I can’t really say it is dub-step, but it is still very catchy. Their new album Reign Of Terror is due out at the end of next month so look for that.

Comeback Kid by Sleigh Bells

Sharing Is Caring

As much as I love brand new music, sometimes it’s fun to go back and listen to albums that you haven’t heard for a while. That’s what I did this past weekend and was pleasantly reminded how great these artists are.
First is The Besnard Lakes. This band is great. I mean great vocal work, great guitar ambiance and layering, and great songwriting. This is the kind of band that should be popular, but aren’t. My favorite song/video is below and if you like that check out their stuff here. I really like the “Dark Horse” album.

Next up is a killer guitar band Fang Island. High flying guitars and awesome harmonics make up their self titled debut. Check out their bandcampand listen to it for free. They are really fun to listen to. Also stayed tuned, there will be a new album very soon.

Why? is one of the best hybrid bands out there. Combining a great original hip-hop vocal delivery with a rockin’ undertow of baselines and sweet guitar solos. Definitely one of my favorite albums of all time is their 3rd album Alopecia. Check out all of their music here.
For all of you new music junkies, how about one of my favorite bands The Shins. They just put out the new single “Simple Song” for their next album Port Of Morrow¬†due out March 20th.