Treefort Music Festival Day 4 of 4

The last day of the Treefort Fest started off with a hangover from Saturday, but Atomic Mama picked me up and shook out the cobwebs with their electro-rock awesomeness.

Next up on the Main Stage was Portland’s own Wild Ones. A great pop band that has been featured on the Tender Loving Empire’s Friends of Friends mix. They have a really cute rock style as shown by these pics.
After their set I decided I needed to try out more of the great Boise beers at the Alefort. There I came across a rather olde tymey band called Hillfolk Noir. Really great folk music with this band and a nice change up from the rest of the weekend.
After draining several beverages and a couple of dances I went over to The Linen building to see Lost Lander. Another local Portland band that has been featured on Tender Loving Empire.

Next up was Tennis on the Main Stage. They had such an awesome energy on stage and their music is just so wonderful. She was also very easy to photograph.

Next came the headliner Of Montreal. I haven’t really been able to get into their music, but their live performance was pretty incredible. Crowd surfing, cool visuals, and some weird interpretive dancing made up the show.

We then headed over to the Neurolux to cap off the weekend with Motopony and The Cave Singers. Both bands had a great set. I believe people were crying and throwing shirts and passing out from all the rocking music from the bands.

Overall, Treefort Music Festival was a HUGE success. I still feel the after effects of it. I want to thank all the bands that played there, I wish I could have seen you all, and I want to thank everyone involved in setting this up. I will see you next year Boise!

Treefort Music Festival 3 of 4

Day 3 of the Treefort Festival sees some of the best acts all weekend with one of my favorite bands of all time, Built To Spill. My comrade, Keith, and I started the morning out by going to the Main Stage to see In The Shadow Of The Mountain. These guys have a really great rock sound leaning on the edge of psychedelic.

Performing next on the main stage was Tartufi, of the best bands from San Fransico, CA. They have some of the coolest use of vocal loops and a great metal influence to boot.

We then went over to The Linen Building to see one of the best new acts of all weekend with Red Hands Black Feet. It was seriously one of the most fun shows of the entire weekend. They got the crowd into it in a big way.

After having my face rocked off we then ventured off to Neurolux to see Le Fleur. Another great Boise band that is similar to Finn Riggins.

After cutting Le Fleur a little short we jetted over to the Main Stage to see local Portland, OR band, Typhoon.

Typhoon opened up for the headliners Built To Spill on Saturday night.

Afterwards we caught Shades who had some of the chillest vibes, then Teens who had one of the craziest shows I’ve ever been to.

For the Teens show I somehow ended up on the stage and signing for half of a song, so I wasn’t able to snap a whole lot of photos.

Treefort Music Festival Day 2 of 4

Day 2 of Treefort Music Fest sees the opening of the Alefort, which is a good size dome in the parking lot behind The Linen Building. For a nominal fee they supplied samples of all local Boise, ID breweries. They also had some great live acts early in the day throughout the night.
The first band on the stage was Holiday Friends. They had a great show in the early afternoon sun.

Up next was a goofy rap/hip-hop duo from Boise, ID who call themselves Dedicated Servers.

Next up is Portland, OR band, Talkdemonic. They were the first band up on the Main Stage on Friday evening.

Desert Noises is the next performance that I headed to at The Neurolux. Their live show is more rocking in the sense of a classic rock form.

Back to the main stage to see one of the best up and coming hip-hop artists, Grieves. What a show, Grieves has such great charisma and smooth style, while Budo was the perfect combo of hype-man and keyboardist.

The headliner for the night was Why? Amazing performance! The lead singer, Yoni, has such style and grace that he had complete control over the audience.

The last show that I caught on Friday was one of my favorite new acts, Fountains. Yet another great performance. Their show was at a really cool coffee shop called The Crux.

Wow what a great day of music and there is more to report on coming up, so be sure to stayed tune.

Treefort Music Fest Day 1 of 4

This week sees the beginning of the inaugural Treefort Music Festival. The first day was full of transcending bands. We rolled into Boise, Idaho around 5 pm local time, just enough time to see the opening band Finn Riggins. It was a packed show that rocked so hard, I wasn’t sure if I would make through the rest of the day.

Next up was Dustin Wong, the incredible one man guitar symphony. Some of the best pedal looping I have witnessed in my years of concert going.

We decided to take in the food culture of Boise after Dustin Wong. Turns out there’s a sushi restaurant called Shige that has one dollar sushi plates for happy hour, and I must say that it was some of the best sushi I have had.
After dinner we then went back to the Neurolux to watch the most anticipated show (in my opinion), Delicate Steve. The show was everything that could be expected and more. Delicate Steve created another dimension in which I was very lucky to be a part of.

Mr. Gnome was at the Red Room after Delicate Steve. It was a packed show, almost didn’t get in on time. Though Delicate Steve took most of my energy, Mr. Gnome was able to find more and extort it from my body. The outpour of pure rock from this two piece reminded me slightly of the Black Keys.

The Shins – Port Of Morrow

The wait is finally over! Today is the release of The Shins Port Of Morrow. I am already in love with this album with only one listen. It is probably because I’m a sucker for Mr. Mercer’s voice, the slide guitar, and the song writing. I feel like the drumming is a little more prominent in this album. My favorite tracks so far are “It’s Only Life”, “For A Fool”, and of course “Simple Song.” Check out the entire album below!