More Treefort Music Festival Artists

With another announcement made today brings another wave of great indie bands throughout the Northwest and the rest of U.S. to Boise for what will be an epic weekend of music. The announcement brings some of our favorites Tartufi, El Ten Eleven, Quasi, The Thermals, Blasted Canyons, Finn Riggins, and three nights of Built To Spill! That’s right 3 nights of Built To Spill all curated by Doug Martsch as he has hand chosen who will be part of the showcase. So let’s get to know some of the other bands that not everyone knows.

We’ll start with Boise/Portland fuzz-metal band Uzala. They have a unique sound that comes from the 70s but is combined with brutal growling vocals. Uzala has some of the best metal music I’ve heard lately. Their self-titled full length is super brutal and definitely worth a listen to.

Up now is seven piece band Rose Windows from Seattle. Another 70s influenced band with smoky female vocals and a real knack for bluesy rock ‘n’ roll. The video above gets a little graphic so be warned.

Staying on the whole old school rock theme here is San Francisco band The Mallard. They have a more punk lo-fi garage sound to them the bands above. I really dig their music check them out here and my favorite song below.

Now onto local Portlanders, Death Songs. Made up from former members of Shaky Hands, Death Songs has the same good feeling and flow to their music. Super stoked to see these guys live. Check out the EP below.

Next is Brooklyn band The Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt! These guys have a great power pop sound to them. TPDR is really upbeat and fun. Check out their debut album, I Love You! I Love You! I Love You And I’m In Love With You… down below.

Last one for today is local Portland band Genders. This psych-pop rock band has a freshly recorded EP that is super good. With cool guitar riffs that float around beautiful vocals and fun light hearted drum beats complete with catchy bass lines.

Check out the full announcement here and stayed tune for more artists from Treefort Music Festival.

Paper Brain

Here is a local Portland four piece band that everyone can get down on. They are called Paper Brain and they have a really nice pop-rock sound to them. Their latest release is a four song EP called Begin Again. Every part of their music is so super catchy. With bouncing bass lines and drum beats that are easy to follow along to. Put some jangly guitar riffs on top of that and sprinkle in some cool sounding vocals and you have Paper Brain. I really enjoy their sound and look forward to seeing them live at Rontoms on Feb. 10th.

Another local Portland band I came across recently is Bike Thief. They have a sound that mixes post-rock with folk elements to make a post-folk type of music. Bike Thief’s latest album is called Ghost of Providence and it is a great sounding album. There are all types of instrumentation in this band from guitars to pianos to violin to cello and accordion. Not only is the music well put together but the vocals are very powerful. Check out Ghost of Providence down below. My favorite tracks are “Battles” and “Look Up.”

Red Hands Black Feet

Last year we highlighted Red Hands Black Feet at Boise’s Treefort Music Festival, and now they have come out with their first studio album, These Things Are Important. This Boise band pumps out some super fresh post-rock music. The album starts off with a drone-y intro that leads into a sweet western bluesy jam called “Django’s Last Ride.” All of their songs include an epic climax of pure rock pleasure. It is hard to say which track I like the best since each one has it’s own personality. These Things Are Important is a great album all the way through from the opening piano hit to the last shredding notes of “Sink The Bismark.” Make sure you listen to it all the way through.

Another post-rock Boise band that I would like to share today is Ugly Hussy. More on the side of noise rock, Ugly Hussy has elements in his music along the lines of Modest Mouse and Gauntlet Hair. The music is so melodious but with a intrusive quality that doesn’t let you forget that you’re listening to it. With a performance coming up at Treefort Music Fest, hopefully there will be some new recordings to come out soon. The 2011 EP is down below, be sure to check it out. I really like the opener “Convenient Cave” and the closer “Black Boa.”

Treefort Music Festival 2013

The second annual Treefort Music Festival is coming just around the corner in Boise, ID. Last year was so successful they decided to do it again, and Killing Sasquatch will be your source for finding out which bands you’ll want to see there. So far the lineup has given us two headliners in Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings and Animal Collective! Not to mention some of our favorite bands Youth Lagoon, Delicate Steve, Dan Deacon, Sage Francis, Lake, Radiation City, and Shlohmo. This is shaping up to be a most epic party in Boise, March 21-24.

But what I really want to get into is sharing the bands that we haven’t heard of yet so let us get started with Bad Weather California.

I have been putting this song on repeat for the last couple of days. They make good use of the slide guitar and have such a catchy rhythm, it’s hard not to like BWC. So stoked to see them live.

The next band I’ve been blasting is SW/MM/NG from Fayetteville, AR. These guys are what I would call psychedelic dream pop-rock. Great guitar riffs, catchy surfy drum beats, and well used vocals makes up their sound. The new single that they have is called “Some Dreams Come True.” Check out the video and their older EP below.

Hang Time is a pop-rock band from Salt Lake City, UT. These guys have a great mix of synth lines and guitar riffs. Along with whimsical songwriting, this could very well be your next favorite band. Their debut self titled full length album is set to come out March 5th, but it is available to listen to right here.

Next up is Spokane, WA band Terrible Buttons. A seven piece folk-rock band that pumps out the good time jams. With gritty vocals, bells, trumpets, violins, drums, and acoustic guitars their Plates of Ether EP is very well mixed, and their soon to be released Runt promises to be just as good.

Last one for today is Nude Pop also from Spokane, WA. This four piece band is a hybrid of chill-wave and rock music. Reminding me of Boise band Shades or local Portlanders Pure Bathing Culture. Nude Pop has more driving beats and guitar riffs that make you smile and leave you wanting more. Check out their latest single, “Lurker” and some demos below.

There are so many more bands for us to share with you. So stay tuned for more pre-game coverage of Treefort Music Festival 2013.

Big Ass Boombox Festival Night 2

What can we say? Big Ass Boom Box is a rocking success. We would like to dole out many props to Arya Imig & Eirean Bradley and all the bands, venues, and performers for organizing this well-run eclectic fun-ass event. KS is excited to see such a big convoy from our older sister in rock and roll; Seattle, as well as a fine selection of local Portland groups.

We catch a Portland favorite Pictorials at Backspace first. These guys have a tight new-wave aesthetic which bounces along with rich pop jingles and jangles like a golden retriever wearing a million-dollar cow-bell. Their songs are thoughtful and memorable. On stage, they seem to take part in the audience as we take part in the performance.

The Hoot Hoots are nextdoor at Someday Lounge, where a juiced crowd is jumping up and down in front of four rockstars, all sporting rainbow striped dream coats. These guys must have a cult following since the crowd is packed, singing along and hopping around crazily, and we can see why. Between the lead man’s blue LED glasses and the keyboardists awesome interpretive facial expressions, The Hoot Hoots bring the music and the show. Have a listen to the infectious vocal choruses and radical pop in The Hoot Hoot’s music.

Mobbing over to our favorite 110 year old Biker-Bar turned hipster-dive Kelly’s Olympian, we catch the tail end of The New York Rifles, Portland punk stars rip up the stage with their energetic brand of loud rock and roll.

Going on a suggestion from festival organizer Eirean Bradley, we head back to Someday to see A Happy Death. The first thing one notices about this band is that they are completely unapologetic. The lead singer jumps on drums, amps, whatever he can find while belting out incoherent mumbles over brazen pop rock guitars. Their stylistic choices turned some off, but the aromatic boldness with which A Happy Death brews up their stuff left a pretty good taste in our mouths.

The night concludes in an epic climax as the fully inebriated crowd at Kelly’s throws down to Charts. At this point, we’ve all been trying to compensate for the free admission with drink sales—and even the band is pretty sloshy. The drummer and vocalist brings the free-flowing rock music, and the bassist brings the hilarious drunken antics. Check out our photos of him rocking out ontop the shoulders of a lucky fan, or passed out on the floor still shredding. We haven’t been to a show this fun in quite some time, and the experience leaves us totally looking forward to Big Ass Boom Box 2014.

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