Golden Grrrls & Young Boys

Got a couple new albums for everyone this week. First is Glasgow band Golden Grrrls with their self-titled debut LP. They have a great sound of lo-fi pop-rock. With upbeat drumming and guitar hooks that are super catchy it’s hard not to like. Accompanied by male and female vocals that intercede each other makes for memorable music. Definitely worth a listen to. My favorite tracks are “Paul Simon” and “Date It.”

Next up is the debut full length of Brooklyn band Young Boys. New York Sun is full of lo-fi fuzz guitars, lots of noise, and ’80s-esque punk vocals. At first I was kind of skeptical because they sound straight out of the 80s, but they put a new fuzzy rockabilly style into their sound. I really enjoy New York Sun and my favorite tracks are “High Tide” and “It’s Alright.”

South Of France

With Treefort Music Fest just weeks away I figured it was a good time to get to know a couple of more bands before attending. So let’s start with Denver/L.A. duo South Of France. Their debut album, Another Boring Sunrise, is full of chill pop-rock tunes that get stuck in your head very easily. What stands out the most is the catchy guitar fills and the surfy drum beats. South Of France sounds like a surf-rock band disguised as chill-pop, it makes for a fine listen. The standout tracks for me is the closer “The Midwest,” the opener “Lost in the Morning,” and “Writers Block.”

Next is local Portland band Talkative. They have a great freak-folk experimental type of sound. Their latest full length is called Frantically and it has a lot of different types of music in it. Ranging from drone to pop to rock, there is plenty of good stuffed into this album, it’s hard to not like them. Talkative will be playing this upcoming weekend at Firkin Tavern and Rontoms as well as Treefort. Check out Frantically above and download it for pay your own price.

Pony Time

Today sees the release of Pony Time’s debut full length album titled Go Find Your Own. This Seattle rock duo puts the pedal to the metal and does not let up for anyone or anything except maybe for some “Hippy Shit.” Full of crunchy guitar riffs and catchy drum beats, Pony Time plays it loud and raw, just how we like it. Our favorite tracks are “Because I Care” and “Stickers” and the rest of the album too.

Also released today is Beach Fossils’ second full length Clash The Truth. The Brooklyn band brings their flavor of lo-fi chill rock back for everyone’s pleasure. With intricate guitar pieces woven through upbeat jazzy drums and syncopated bass lines, the new release sounds fantastic and is out on Captured Tracks now.

Treefort Music Festival Lineup

With this final lineup announcement, Treefort Music Festival has 250 artists coming to town in March. There has been a lot of Killing Sasquatch’s favorite bands that have been announced. Some of the bands include; Brother Ali, Gold Panda, Typhoon, Slow Magic, Brainstorm, Social Studies, Sun Angle, Aan, And And And, Holiday Friends, TEENS, Kithkin, Shades, First Borns, Red Hands Black Feet, Grandparents, The We Shared Milk, and The Hoot Hoots. So many great bands for the Treefort fest. Let us get to know some of the lesser known bands today.

Up first we’ll start with Gayze. A local Boise band that has great psychedelic surf-rock sound to them. They just released their first EP called Black Soul. Formed by members of TEENS, Art Fad, and Deaf Kid, Gayze is somewhat of a Boise super group. Gayze rock super hard, so check out their EP above and download it for free.

Owlright is an electro-pop duo also from Boise. Their sound is a type of bouncy glitch-step that incorporates well used auto tune for vocals. Their music is super fresh and easy to dance to. Pluhnk is their latest EP and it’s available as a name your price download.

Next up is Denver electro artists CCERULEANN a.k.a CC/NN. This sibling duo has the whole chill wave sound down. Silky smooth vocals with bouncy dance-pop bass and drum parts make up up their music. CC/NN’s self titled EP came out a couple of months ago and is available for a name your price as well here.

Last one for today is another Denver band called School Knights. They play really catchy rock and roll music. Great guitar riffs, slap-back vocals, and upbeat beats make up this band. Check out their EP above and be rocked.

Well that’s it for today. We’ll keep posting bands that will be worth seeing at Treefort in the upcoming weeks. Treefort starts 5 weeks from now and we can’t wait to visit Boise for what is going to be one of the best festivals this year!


The brand new EP from Loveskills officially comes out on Valentine’s day, but we have it streaming right above. Multiplicity crosses a bunch of different genres whether it’s dub-step, electro-pop, hip-hop, or even a little R&B. This EP is a fantastic work of musicianship and is extremely catchy. Definitely worth a listen.

Another new album that came out this week is Veronica Falls’ sophomoric album, Waiting For Something To Happen. This is another great album from this UK band. Great surf pop-rock feel to it and overall really groovy. You can stream the full down below.