Sweeping Exits

Now for some new local Portland music with Sweeping Exits. This duo rocks straight out of the 90’s with a plethora of influences. Their latest release is a self titled LP that came out in late April. With their style gearing more towards the side of Weezer or Built To Spill, this is a band to be excited about. The opening track “Yoko,” is a rocking track about Yoko Ono breaking up the band. The whole album has a great rock vibe for the start of summer. My favorite tracks are “Green Sky” and “Lost My Love.” You can download the album here.

One of my favorite local bands, Houndstooth have come out with their first single for their upcoming LP, Ride Out The Dark. The track is called “Canary Island.” A light, soulful bluesy track that soars high with the vocals and guitar solos. It has been on repeat for me the last couple of days. I cannot wait for the full length to come out, right now it is set for a July 16th release date. Listen to your new favorite song below.

Majical Cloudz

The latest from Majical Cloudz is called Impersonator. The sophomoric full length from this Canadian duo is a beautiful combination of ambient and electronic music. Fronted by a power piercing tenor voice, Majical Cloudz don’t use any kind of drum beat until the third song “Childhood’s End.” The album starts off with title track, “Impersonator.” A drone-y type of track with with a cool vocal loop that tracks all the way to the end. “This Is Magic” is the second song on the album. It starts off similar, with what sounds like organ chords that eventually lead to a ethereal type of synthesizer that builds up with the vocals. My favorite track off Majical Cloudz’s Impersonator album has to be “Bugs Don’t Buzz.” The piano chords really hammer the song into your head, and with opening lyrics “The cheesiest songs all end with a smile. This song won’t end with a smile, my love.” You can’t help but smile and feel piano crush down on you. Pick up a copy of Impersonator and you won’t be disappointed.

Wild Nothing

Last week saw the release of Wild Nothing’s latest EP Empty Estate. This brightly meandering album is the soundtrack for walking around with nowhere to go. The 7 song EP starts off with a bright pop song in “The Body In Rainfall.” Followed closely by a very nicely syncopated chiller track called “Ocean Repeating.” This EP offers a lot of different paths for all listeners. Definitely one of the most solid EP’s I’ve heard this year. My Favorite track is “On Guyot.”

Another new release last week was Portland artist Eluvium. This is Matthew Cooper’s seventh studio album under the moniker of Eluvium. The album is called Nightmare Ending. This is an epic 2 CD release that is just under 84 minutes long. Nightmare Ending is an incredible mixture of ambient post-rock music. Mr. Cooper writes beautifully landscaped pieces that have well crafted piano melodies, which stretches to endless depths. Listen to the sample of the album above and be taken on a peaceful journey through space and time.

Live: Javelin + Jamaican Queens

Mississippi Studio played host to some new electronic-pop music on Wednesday night. Jamaican Queens was up first with their brand of dub-pop. The vocal manipulations were highlight of the show. As people were filing in to the venue Jamaican Queens got the smaller crowd to start grooving along with their heavy bass lines.

Next up was Helado Negro, a one man band from Brooklyn. This guy has some of the smoothest, fresh squeezed electronic beats that I’ve heard in a while. What makes his music more unique is that he sings in Spanish. Though it doesn’t really matter what language you’re fluent in, because it fits the music so well. Helado Negro’s latest album is called Invisible Life and is out now.

Last up was NY/L.A. duo Javelin. Their live performance was pretty spectacular. Amazing drumming and really cool, live auto tune. As Mississippi Studios got more packed, the tunes started getting faster and the dancing started to spread around the entire crowd. Their latest full length album is called Hi Beams, and it is really good, listen to the single below.

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Blue Cranes + Sun Angle

blue cranes

Available for pre-order now is the latest adventure of Portland explorers Blue Cranes. Before you even read, just have a listen.

What you’re hearing is what some bloggers might call post-jazz. The minimal and progressive song structures are reminiscent of post-rock groups like Explosions or Godspeed, But what Blue Cranes puts forth is a bold mixture of abstract heavy metal, classically inspired orchestral movements, and jazz improvisation. Where many groups struggle to incorporate such diverse elements, Blue Cranes builds a brilliant synergy. The aptly named “Everything is Going to be Okay” is a gorgeously representative piece that begins in a slow slog of gloom, then moves through an extraordinary little epiphany, until it breaks into joyous piano over groovy bass. When the sax solo kicks in, man, I really felt like everything was going to be just fine.

sun angle

Sun Angle’s debut album Diamond Junk is not chaotic like the critics say. Fast, yes, but it’s calculated. Messy, they say. I say, enthusiastic. With speed and precision, Sun Angle delivers a potent blast of psychedelic multi-instrumental indie rock. The rough aesthetics do not mask their technical prowess, as shredding solos bleed seamlessly into soaring progressive compositions. The album shines iridescent like a pile of Diamond Junk. A long-time favorite of mine, these fellows are not to be missed in concert, where the spectacular guitar-work and worldly beats move the crowd in all dimensions and raises the roof all the way to the quasars. Things get weird below:

Feels Like Home #52: Sun Angle – “Time Snakes” from INTOTHEWOODS.TV on Vimeo.