The Harm

Here is a local Portland band for all of you. They are called The Harm, and they have an EP called Hurt People Hurt People that just came out a week ago. The kind of music they play is a thrashy blues-rock, with lots of fuzz and catchy tunes. The five song EP is full of great guitar riffs and good songwriting, and they even do something a little different for the bonus tracks, which works out really well. I would even say that “Coping With Loss” is one of my favorite tracks off Hurt People Hurt People. The Harm is worth a listen to, even though they have played their last show together over the weekend.

Up next is The Sweets from North Carolina. They are currently in the middle of releasing one EP a month for the entire year. They have a sweet (ha, get it?) chilled out rock and roll vibe. With groovy guitar riffs, and reverby vocals that swim through a haze towards your ears. I really enjoy their tunes, so listen to Chow above (it’s a free download too) and Just The Dudes (part of a split EP w/ Petey) below.

Rose Windows

The debut album from Seattle band Rose Windows is something that fans of rock and roll will love. Infused with all sorts of influences, Rose Windows have a gritty gypsy-rock sound to that spreads to all seven members. The album is called, The Sun Dogs and starts off with “Spirit Modules.” A winding, soulful song that features strings and flute. That first track sets up the rest of the album perfectly as the flute leads into the beginning of the second song, “Native Dreams.” Quickly becoming my favorite song on this album, “Native Dreams” has a kind of Doors sound mixed with a heavier rock, like a Black Sabbath or The Animals. You can also hear the Eastern influences during guitar fills, which puts another excellent layer to Rose Windows’ sound. The next few songs lighten up with the guitar and really start to feature the vocals, especially in “Walkin’ With A Woman.” It is really interesting to hear the acoustic figure picking of “Season of Serpents” in the middle of the album, but Rose Windows makes it work very well. I would have to say this is an excellent album and everyone should go out and support them. They will be at Mississippi Studios on July 20th. Make sure you check out my second favorite song, “This Shroud.”

Lilacs & Champagne

The newest album from Lilacs & Champagne is a real mood setter. Danish & Blue is a mostly instrumental driven electronic rock piece of work. With some great sample and guitar work, this is multiple genres of music mixing and mashing together for some fine tuneage. The album starts off with a Jim Morrison esque track called “Metaphysical Transitions.” It quickly gets into some excellent high flying guitar solos in “La Grand,” which happens to be one of my favorite tracks. The whole album sounds like something vintage, with the constant old record player sound to it. Lilacs & Champagne make this album sound like the ultimate porn soundtrack without making it super cheesy. I’m pretty obsessed with the tracks “Hamburgers & Tangerines” and “Alone Again and…” check it out below. They will be playing at Mississippi Studios on Sunday, June 23rd, be there.

Next we have a local Washington band called Beach Vacation. Their debut EP is called Maritime EP and is super good. With influences such as Beach Fossils, Wild Nothing, and Radio Dept. the only thing not to like is the short play time. Really chilled out pop-rock with catchy guitar hooks and well written songs is what you will find by listening to Beach Vacation. Listen to it below.

Sonny & The Sunsets

Last week saw the latest from Sonny & The Sunsets, called Antenna To The Afterworld. These guys and gals have a great lo-fi, care free attitude sound to their music. They have a sound comparable to The Velvet Underground. They are able to create a chill vibe with an uptempo rock and roll beat. I like the first two tracks “Dark Corners” and “Mutilator.” The closing track has a cool story that is pretty interesting too. Check it out above.

Next up is solo artist Will Sturgeon, who goes by Brightener. He plays breezy guitar-pop music. His Make Real Friends EP came out last month, just in time for the start of summer. The EP starts off with a catchy guitar riff in “Echoes” that is backed by a driving drum beat. My favorite song is the title track “Make Real Friends.” This song has been my jam for the last week or so. It’s a really catchy song, that has different meanings for everyone. Most people can at least relate to the idea that we should make real friends. Check out the four song EP above and download it here.

Gold Panda

Yesterday saw the release of Gold Panda’s latest full length called Half of Where You Live. The highly talented DJ has unlocked some super fresh sounds for everyone to enjoy. Gold Panda is one of my favorite electronic artists, and I feel like he’s a little underrated around these parts. Half of Where You Live has all kinds moods to it. If you want something fast and glitchy check out the first couple tracks “Junk City II” and “Brazil.” The album chills out a bit with the next couple of tracks, though he is able to keep the tempo up for the whole album. This LP is a great piece of music and you should listen to it below, then go buy it. My favorite track so far is “We Work Nights.”