MusicFest NW 2013

Musicfest NW is just a little more than a month away and the lineup for this year looks really great. With headlining acts such as Animal Collective, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Dan Deacon, Youth Lagoon, Typhoon, and so much more. As is custom here at Killing Sasquatch we will highlight the lesser known bands that we think will make a huge impact this year.

Starting with two brothers that go by the name Pacific Air. These guys have the easy breezy chill pop that rides nicely into your ears. Nothing too fancy, just well written tunes that have groovy beats and memorable melodies. Their debut full length album is called Stop Talking. The album name and music makes me want to sit back and reflect on life. Take a listen to my favorites “Float” and “Suits.”

The next band comes out of Tulsa and they are called Broncho. These guys have a throwback punk kind of sound to them. Broncho’s debut album is called Can’t Get Past The Lips, a blistering testament to songs about fighting, being losers, and not giving a damn. They have a great sound, and I’m really looking forward to their live show. They play September 5th at Dante’s. Check out my favorite song “I Don’t Really Want to be Social.”

Grumbling Fur

New music from a new London band called Grumbling Fur. Their release is called Glynnaestra. I have to say this album is really, really good, their sound is like something I haven’t heard. It’s like a mixture of Young Magic and Alt-j and Caribou all heavily blended together for something smooth yet disorienting in all the right places. Grumbling Fur hit the spot with groovy drum beats that lay in the background of ethereal melodies, the music is mostly instrumental with several songs that have lyrics and vocals. Gynnaestra as an album flows really nicely together, and could definitely make an appearance in the top 10 albums of the year.

Fuck Buttons – Slow Focus by Killing Sasquatch on Grooveshark

Next up is the brand new one from Fuck Buttons and it’s called Slow Focus. This is one high energy, bass heavy, heavy hitting electronic album. Their single “The Red Wing” is the main staple of the album. Fuck Buttons has some strange and fascinating sounds throughout the whole album.

WL + Gauntlet Hair

Two really good releases that came out this week. The first being local Portland band WL. A heavy shoegaze rock and roll band. A lot of noise comes from this trio of musicians. Between the thrashing guitars, driving drum beats, heavy bass, and synth-keyboards comes the hazy female vocals that add another mysteriously beautiful layer to the music. WL’s debut full length album is called Hold, and features some really cool album art of what I assume is braille. Definitely an album that is worth a listen to and is sure to be up in the top 50 by the end of the year. My favorite track is “You’re Not Really Here.” “Sugar Pill” and “In the Window” are really good too.

Next up is Gauntlet Hair with their newest release, Stills. This shit is super fresh. They put the guitars into the background for this album and focused on the beats and vocals. I have been playing the first track, “Human Nature” on repeat all week long. Definitely do not expect the same type of songs from them with this new album. Gauntlet Hair has the right mixture of pop, rock, and electronic music all put together. Check out “Bad Apple” and “G.I.D.” those are my favorites. Gauntlet Hair will be touring with Surfer Blood this summer, so don’t miss out on that opportunity.

Billions and Billions

The PDX Pop Now! festival starts next Friday. That means a bunch of talented Portland rockers and rollers will be shredding, ripping, and other verbaging all weekend long. One such band will be Billions And Billions. A heavy rocking, psychedelic type of metal music, with a touch of math rock. Their latest album is called Old Fashioned Lefty. It starts out hard and fast with “We Came From Dust.” These guys are seriously good and their music is free on their bandcamp page. My favorite track just might be “Space Goat.”

Next up is an Australian band called Ride Into The Sun. They are another psychedelic rock band, but are on a more droney/stoner vein than Billions And Billions. Ride Into The Sun’s latest release is a self-titled EP that came out earlier this month. The music is super fuzzy between the guitar and vocals. I really like the opening track “Hunt Like Wolves” and “These Are The Ones That Shoot.”

Wild Ones

Here is another great local Portland debut album with Wild Ones. Their album is called Keep It Safe. The music that makes up Wild Ones’ sound is the realm of dreamy pop. Most of the songs derive from a great keyboard groove with amazingly cute vocals and the occasional guitar riff/solo. Keep It Safe starts off with my favorite tracks “Golden Twin” and “Curse Over Me.” Two explosive pop songs that should be on heavy radio rotation, they’re that good. My other favorite tracks are “Rivals,” a bouncy keyboard affair, and the title track which is a more low key chiller pop song. This album from Wild Ones is definitely worth buying, or at least 5 listens. This is an album that is made for make out sessions, stream it above for maximum pleasure.

Next up is a two man band called Titanics, from Albany, NY. These guys lay down some fantastic chill wave beats. Their debut album, Soft Treasure, came out back in February and is making a lot of noise. The way that they mix the drum beats with keyboards and synthesizers has a fine line between hip-hop and chill-pop. Titanics have a great touch to their music. My favorite tracks are the single, “Low Frames,” the instrumental “Table Bet,” and the one with the high flying guitar solo, “Two Days.” Check them out above.