MFNW Day 3, 4 + 5

The epicness of Musicfest ramps up on Thursday; Youth Lagoon is playing mainstage and Tobacco is headlining a grave lineup at Holocene later.


Its raining on us as local Boise phenomenon Youth Lagoon lights up the Pioneer Courthouse mainstage. His live performance is a mixture of distant nightmares and joyous reveries. This year’s Wonderous Bughouse delivers what it promises, twinkling and oscilating scales of size and reality. Check it out.



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After a great Youth Lagoon show we headed over to Dante’s to see the Oklahoma rockers, Broncho. With a style coming from garage punk from the ’70s these guys brought down the house.



On An On is up after Broncho over at the Roseland Theater. They put on a great rocking pop show with lots of great visual art and lights.


We mob over to Holocene to stay for the fresh tuneage starting with PDX band Bruxa. Bass heavy and obscure this trio boasts a pretty down n dirty and unique style




The Friday shows starts off with the eclectic stylings of Dan Deacon. Not only does he play great music for the crowd in the middle of Pioneer Square, but gets the crowd involved in several dance offs.



We hopped over to the Star Theater to catch a couple songs from our Holiday Friends. They put on another great show as usual with their brand of pop and rock.


Then after listening to Animal Collective back at Pioneer Square we headed over to Dante’s to see local Portlanders, Old Light. These guys put on such a rocking show, Old Light was one of our favorite shows at MusicFest NW.



From Old Light we headed over to the sold out Mississippi Studios to catch the end of Le1f and all of Washed Out. Earnest Greene and his new backing band put on a fabulous show.




Saturday starts off at Pioneer Square with Deep Sea Diver. They play a great show with their blend of pop and rock and roll.


After Deep Sea Diver, Thao & The Get Down Stay Down destroyed the main stage. After seeing them live, they have become one of my favorite bands to listen to. Thao has a great voice and the music is folksy and rocking.




We headed over to the Roseland Theater after a while to catch Earth opening up for Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Earth is one of the grandfathers to drone doom music.





Godspeed You! was an amazing black metal beast the way that we expected. After that show we pedaled hard over to the Hawthorne Theater to catch the last half of P.O.S. A great performance by the Minnesota native. He threw down hard for everyone there.



Then our last show for the week was local rock legends Yob. A truly rocking show to end a truly fantastic week of music.


MFNW Day 1 + 2

Finally after weeks of anticipation, Music Fest NW began on the 3rd with a slew of shows at Dante’s. The first night has a few shows to offer at Music Fest NW but the highlight is local Portland rockers, Summer Cannibals. With their brand of crunchy rock and roll, they brought out their best performance for MFNW.

Summer Cannibals

After Summer Cannibals was Black Bananas. A very loud, a very wasted band. They played pretty good music, Black Bananas had a sound like Sleigh Bells. Then the headliner was Redd Kross. Originally formed back in 1980, Redd Kross knows how to punk rock out. Their show was fantastic I only wished I stayed for the entire show, but it was bed time and there was about to be an epic week of shows.


Homegrown hip-hop hustlers TxE sound like they wandered up to Portland from L.A. a decade ago and have been ruminating on the sounds ever since. When you think of up and coming hip hop scenes, Seattle with acts like Grieves, Shabazz Palaces, and Macklemore and even Minneapolis (Brother Ali, Atmosphere, P.O.S.) might come to mind before Portland. TxE reps Portland so hard they could be the whole scene. What we’re talking about is tight rapping, dynamic beats, with both a good edm and indie rock sensibility. The crowd is minimal this early in the festival, but rappers TOPE and Epp basically work a miracle to get this small sober crowd of Portlanders moving to G-Force’s phat beats.


Next up is Sirah, a genre blending pop singer best known for her appearance on Skrillex’s Bangerang. Tonight she stands apart, flashing her pop side to the crowd, she also draws on the other radio genres; r&b, rap, electronic to achieve a complete meal deal. Last year’s C.U.L.T. Too Young To Die and older albums reflects this inspired take on being a person of the digital age, though the direction of this year’s Inhale leaves the original idea for a shinier package.


K.Flay is on the relentless tour circuit, so we’re glad to finally get a chance to catch some live. Listening to K.Flay’s new album What if it is is like taking a massive dose of purple drank before going about your day. It slows the mind way down, causing intense reverberating effects and the occasional visual hallucination. With the quality of the lyrical content, the intriguing alt aesthetic of the music, the the rhythmic mastery of K.Flay’s rapping, you’ll probably feel as silly for not checking them out sooner as I did.


Headlining this dope festival of underground is Grieves. He’s basically the shit. The beats are still as fresh as when we caught him at Treefort Mainstage in 2011. Hawthorne Theater is the perfect larger-sized venue for the crowd and their enthusiasm as he and his breaks out into “On the Rocks.”