White Rainbow

Check out this disc that dropped back in February. Five years in the making, it’s called THRU.U by White Rainbows. If you’re looking for a massive dose of sunshine–like enough to leave you with a little sunburn on your ears– then have a listen to THRU.U. The album starts off with Batman Palace, a starry-eyed number which vibrates with upbeat drum machines and distant reverb’d vocals saying “it feels alright.” It sure does. Cuban Egg is a funky super reprise which leads us into Killswitch, basically approaching the pinnacle of ambient EDM. More funky and psych vibes float through in Don’t Wait which take liberties that distinguish White Rainbows from other producers like Odesza or Shlohmo. The mood remains that of subdued elation, evoking the type of happiness that comes from anticipation. Trance, dance, trap, and fun. White Rainbows– get down.

Souvenir Driver

Brand new music from Portland’s own Souvenir Driver. Their latest release is called Living Water, it is their second full length album. Now I may be a little biased for Portland music since I live in the city, but seriously Living Water is an incredible piece of work. Souvenir Driver is a bliss-pop band that incorporates some shoegaze and post-punk. The songs that stick out most to me are “All the Patterns”, a slightly psychedelic song about surrealism, “Slide”, a jangly guitar affair, and “Feel The Flood”, the burning opening track.

Woods + Horse Thief

New music from Brooklyn based Woods called, With Light and with Love. This new album is evokes a lot of psychedelic motifs of classic kraut rock and mixes with the stylings of acoustic folk-rock. Of course the signature of Woods is the lead singer’s falsetto vocals. I have become dangerously obsessed with the track “Moving to the Left.” The guitar solos and vocals make it super carefree, reminiscent of early Flaming Lips.

Horse Thief is a little more on the contemporary side of folk-rock. Well built songs with catchy guitar riffs and lovely singing. Horse Thief has songs that make you want to dance around. The new album is their first full length called, Fear in Bliss, and it is very solid.

Dude York

After a brief hiatus, we are back to regular posts about new independent music. Here is a band from Seattle called Dude York. Their latest release, Dehumanize, came out at the end of January. Dude York is a band with lots of energetic grunge pop. Catchy guitar hooks and eccentric drumming along with unique vocals is what makes up their sound. My favorite tracks are “Idol” and “Heartland.” “Idol” starts with one of those guitar hooks that sticks in your head, then there is a fuzzy breakdown with the lyrics of “The idol’s face has been broken, frozen / It looks just like mine.” It’s the vulnerability of Peter Richards’s vocals that really makes it an anthem. “Heartland” is a track to get rowdy drunk to. With a slower grungy intro to sway back and forth, that evolves to the chorus that Richards yells “Lose my voice!” This is a must listen record.

Treefort Music Fest Day 4

The fourth and final day of Treefort Music Fest was a magical day full of amazing music. It started with our first brewery show and ended with one of the weirdest house parties we’ve ever been to. It was an amazing weekend full of generous hospitality, incredible musicianship, and total grandness.



To start off the last day of Treefort we headed down to Woodland Empire brewery to the Apes On Tape showcase. The first band that we caught was Manatee Commune, a chillwave artist from Bellingham, WA.


Autonomics 1

Autonomics, as seen at Big Ass Boom Box, is a PDX up and comer with catchy and memorable tunes.



Despite the accusation, these guys are actually pretty agreeable. Check out this awesomely groovy DIY punk, a new project featuring Clark from Clark and the Himselfs.



AU is a cascading swirling mix of psychedelia. The kind of trips you go on as a little kid or in the moments before sleep.

AU – Boute from Nathan Sturgess on Vimeo.


Aan is one of our favorite Portland bands, and they seem to get better every time we see them.



Cumulus is some gratifying indie rock. It’s light on its feet. The sound makes our ears happy.

Thanks 3

Thanks is a really cool soul band from Portland.

The Joy Formidable 5

From North Wales comes the contemporary sounding tunage of The Joy Formidable. We thoroughly enjoy the live performance since the lead gal is overflowing with charisma.


First Borns 3

First Borns is just real good lo-fi freedom rock.


Bearcubbin 3

Bearcubbin’! is straight up math dance rock.



After being rocked by Bearcubbin’!, Boyfrndz came out with their brand of noise rock.



What is a Tartufi? I’m still not sure, but I know it’s doomy and rocks hard.

We would like to thank everyone who helped out at Treefort, all the musicians, the volunteers, the staff, and most importantly the city of Boise.