Sioux Falls

New music from local Portlanders Sioux Falls. These guys have such a classic sounding indie rock sound. The new album is called Lights Off For Danger, which just came out a couple of weeks ago. The album is full of great tunes that leave you wanting even more. The album starts off with a heavily Modest Mouse induced song called “On the Bus In the Heat.” Then follows up with a mostly instrumental track, “Where Is Nebraska,” one of my favorites.
Sioux Falls has great songs that most people can really understand and get into. They are a new favorite of mine and you can download the new album for free! Make sure to check out “Empty Shows” and “Lights Off Speak Less.” Go listen.

Marriage + Cancer

Folks, Marriage + Cancer is some shit. Self termed Pissed Pop, the tunes from last year’s Start From an End come across with a strong dynamism and some underlying tension. There’s something lurking in the background here; some spooky organs and delicious hints of surf and doom. Their riffs are memorable and the reverb’d vocals are nicely harmonious. We saw them with Ghost Ease back in April, and it was one of those shows where you go get the album immediately afterwards. The album comes in cassette, and as the name suggests a perfect Start From an End as the tape flips and Marriage + Cancer continues an endless loop of righteous no-holds-barred and seriously catchy rock.

NOTE: You may know these guys as Nuclear Aminals.


Settlers is a newer band to Portland, after relocating from Buffalo, NY. The sound for this band is a blissful guitar-pop summery blend of music. With great guitar hooks, vocals drowned in reverb, and super catchy drum beats. They recently had a show at the Firkin Tavern and totally killed it. I really enjoy these guys music. They have an EP on Spotify so check that out. I’m really excited to hear more from Settlers and we will be keeping you up to date with them.

Live: Russian Circles + Witch Mountain

The first Tuesday of the month is when Red Bull Sound Select Portland takes over Mississippi Studios to bring some of the best underground artists around. This show featured Russian Circles from Chicago along with local Portland bands, Gaytheist and Witch Mountain. We were particularly excited for this performance, since it was the first metal show that Red Bull has put on in our lovely city.

First to play was Gaytheist, a budding speed metal band that has been putting out nothing but gold. Their latest release is a live album from Banana Stand Media.

Photo Credit: Aaron Rogosin

After Gaytheist came Witch Mountain. Another local metal band, yet where Gaytheist is more speed, Witch Mountain is more doomy and stoney. They put on a fantastic show. The lead singer captivated the audience with her golden pipes.

Witch Mountain
Photo Credit: Aaron Rogosin

Last up was Russian Circles. If you haven’t heard of these guys then open up your earholes. Definitely one of the hardest post-rock bands that is in existence today. Their latest album, Memorial was one of our favorite albums last year. So listen to it.

Russian Circles
Photo Credit: Aaron Rogosin