Atlas and the Astronaut

New release from the powerful Atlas and the Astronaut from Vancouver, WA. Tiny Artifacts is their debut full length album. Atlas and the Astronaut have a heavy rock sound with an experimental element to their music. The excellent drumming is one of the first things you notice, along with lead vocalist Beau Rosser. Not to mention the guitars that go from heavy riffs to high flying solos in no time. Overall, Tiny Artifacts is a really well put together album by another local Northwest band that needs more attention. Atlas and the Astronaut is great for rocking out and blasting at maximum volume.

Nature Thief

Brand new music from Nature Thief from Portland, OR. The new EP is called Moon. Nature Thief has a really cool indie pop-rock sound to their music. The song writing is really unique, for instance they might use a minor or diminished chord where you might expect a major. The four piece is made up of really talented musicians, the most prominent piece is the lead singer’s vocals. Moon is only four songs so there’s no excuse to not listen to it.

Mr. Gnome

Brand new music from Mr. Gnome. The duo from Cleveland, OH released their fourth full length album today called, The Heart of a Dark Star. These rockers have been on our radar since the first Treefort Music fest. The latest album from Mr. Gnome is more conceptual than their previous albums have been. The thing I love about Mr. Gnome is the way their songs range from being sentimental to being on the very edge of chaos. The Heart of a Dark Star is very seamless and starts off with one of my favorite songs “Melted Rainbow” which is followed by the crunchy “Rise and Shine.” It’s not until mid-way through the album where it slows down a bit with “Light.” Then the last 3 tracks really bring a comprehensive finish to the album. Overall The Heart of the Dark Star blends very well and is one of the most complete albums this year.

Shivery Shakes

New music out of Austin, TX with Shivery Shakes. They just put out their debut full length called Three Waves & A Shake. Shivery Shakes have a great beach bum sort of feeling to their music. Three Waves & A Shake is full of catchy surf-pop tunes that will make you yearn for the summer months once again. The album starts off with the memorable whistling tune of “Recurring Dreams.” That opening track sets the tune for the entire album. My other favorite tracks are “Swimming” and “Remember When.” The whole album from Shivery Shakes is really solid. Shivery Shakes are also on a mini West-Coast tour this week, and are playing Valentine’s tomorrow night 11/18.

Tour Dates:
11.18.14 – Portland, OR @ Valentine’s
11.19.14 – Seattle, WA @ Victory Lounge
11.20.14 – Boise, ID @ The Crux
11.21.14 – Salt Lake City, UT @ Diabolical Records
11.22.14 – Denver, CO @ Savoy

The Domestics

Music by local Portland, OR artists The Domestics. Their self-titled full length album was released back in September. The Domestics have a great indie rock-pop sound. The thing that stands out most is their songwriting skills and lyrics. The album is super catchy and full of great songs. It starts with one of my favorites, “American Drag.” The next couple songs are more upbeat, including the love song “Wait Forever.” There is definitely some parallels to The National in The Domestics sound. Most of the second half of the album is a little more melancholy, though they end with “What A Life.” The Domestics are a high recommendation for the fall and winter months ahead, they are also playing Doug Fir Lounge on November 23rd.