More Treefort Artists

Here’s some more artists that will be performing at the Treefort Music Fest at the end of March. First is post-rock band, Unconditional Arms from Oakland, CA. These guys have a really great powerfully sound. Compelling guitar riffs and harmonies, along with driving drum beats makes up Unconditional Arms’ sound. They have two 7″ out from last year and they sound great.

Old Death Whisper is a band from Idaho. Their music is a nice mix between blues-rock, country, and folk. Old Death Whisper has very nice lyrics and vocals, along with catchy hooks that are either banjo, guitar, or harmonica. Definitely on the side of grass-roots type of music.

The last band for today is Little Barefoot from Utah. These guys are more on the side of pop-rock. Little Barefoot’s songs are super catchy. The vocals are what really draw you in, since there are some songs about apathy and the lead singer just has a great style for that. There is also really great piano parts along with guitars laying out the rhythm. My favorite song is “T+Shirt Girl.”

Magic Sword

New music from the mysterious duo from Boise, Magic Sword. Their first full length album is called Volume 1.

How does one describe the Magic Sword? Well, it’s not entirely easy. One could say that they sound like an ’80s synth-rock band, but it goes deeper than that. It might seem that Magic Sword is a cult band, but there is a reason why there is a fanatic following from the people who have listened and seen them live. The way that Magic Sword presents themselves is a sincere approach to combine art and music, since they also released a comic book along with the album. The album itself is produced exquisitely, and is filled with some of the most inspiring, most cinematic sounding music. Volume 1 is a bass heavy, theme song pumping, heroic sounding anthem for the masses. The live show is something on the literal sense of epic, so if you get a chance to catch them, do not hesitate to see their performance.

When the Magic Sword appears, good will always prevail.

When the #MagicSword appears, #facemelting shall always prevail @magicswordmusic #dougfir

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Prefort 2015


The second wave of artists for Treefort Music Fest was announced last Friday. With the announcement came Foxygen, of Montreal, Built To Spill, Delicate Steve, and so many more. Of course here at Killing Sasquatch we look at the the bottom and share with you some bands that sound great even in the small print.

First up we have Triathalon from Savannah, GA. They have a chill rock ‘n’ roll sound to them. Really catchy guitar riffs along with driving drum beats make up most of the tracks from Triathalon. Their album Lo-Tide came out last October and sounds really great. My favorite track is “Swells.”

Next up is a band from Memphis, TN called Spaceface. Their sound is psychedelic pop, and they have super solid songwriting. Every song from their self-titled EP is captivating. Spaceface has great syncopation in the rhythm section, with the guitar parts throwing out cool lines.

We’ll end the post with a local Boise artist called Transistor Send. Their six song album, Ships, came out in December. It is full of chill electronic beats along with sweet high-flying guitar solos. Transistor Send makes good music, whether it’s listening to it by yourself or at a party, it’s music for every occasion. I’m really excited to see Transistor Send at Treefort 2015.
Will you be there?

And And And

New music from local Portlanders, And And And. After multiple EP releases the band has put out their first full length album called The Failure. And And And is a mixture of punk and indie rock, and sounds like the perfect drinking alone because you’re sad music. The Album starts off with a banger of a track in “Bow Down.” The drums come right out and attack you while the vocals howl out “If you know the neighborhood he’s in // Let’s look him up and fuck him up again.” Following the first track is the single “A Real Case of the Blues” (check out the video below). As The Failure progresses the songs get a little slower and a bit more soulful. And And And is playing Doug Fir Lounge tomorrow night to celebrate the release of this record. Be sure to check them out and enjoy.

Amos val

First post of the new year and we got a doozy of a post-rock band in Amos val. They are a local Portland four piece that recently came out with a three song EP called A Foundry. The EP is full of powerful guitar riffs, well tracked drums, and even some singing. Amos val is super dynamic with their music as well. My favorite track of theirs, “Rest”, starts off super heavy and rocking then just melts into your skull. Definitely a band to watch out for.