Treefort 2016 Preview

It’s almost two months away until the fifth installment of Treefort Music Festival in downtown Boise, ID. It has been a pleasure to see this festival mature and grow over the last five years. I’m really excited for this year! So, let me share some bands that will be playing later on in March.


The band JAWWZZ!! is from Salt Lake City. With a fuzzy garage rock style, the uptempo pop of the drum beats will keep you moving your booty all over the place. The heavy distortion on the guitars matches the vocal tone as well. I’m stoked to jump in and rip it up to JAWWZZ!! during Treefort.


Acid Dad is from NYC and they have a new EP that is just about to be released. They are a fast, heavy psych-rock band with great songwriting and catchy guitar riffs. The bass lines are super poppy as well, really dig these guys sound a bunch.


Here is Boise band, HiHazel. They are a psychedelic band that has more of a drone type of sound to it. A lot of repeated guitar riffs over a muddled bass line and vocals. It makes for great chilling out music. Definitely going to make it to this show.


New music from Savannah, GA band Triathalon. The album came out in November and is called Nothing Bothers Me. The three piece band has a cool sound of chill rock ‘n’ roll mixed with poppy drums and semi-falsetto vocals. What stands out in Nothing Bothers Me is the groovy guitar leads. There’s a great balance of down-tempo and up-tempo songs on the album, along with good songwriting. Triathalon makes great music to just chill out to. Favorite songs are “It’s You” “Chill Out” and “Step Into the Dark”.

Clarke and the Himselfs

Brand new debut album from Clarke and the Himselfs, the one man band from Boise, ID. The album is called The Well-Rounded Clarke and the Himselfs. Clarke has a really cool garage rock type of sound, with his combo of playing drums and guitar at the same time. The way he apathetically sings and whistles makes it that much DIY sounding. The Well-Rounded Clarke and the Himselfs is packed with a lot of good songs. My favorites are “Cabin Boy” “Toxic World” and “Asteroid.” I also think that the lyrics are superbly written too. Overall, Clarke and the Himselfs is a fun time to listen to, and if you get the chance to see him live do not pass it up!


Mothertapes is a math-rock band from Portland. They released their self-titled debut album last October. The opening track on Mothertapes is called “Do Make Say” and it sets up the album in a terrific way. Chirping guitar work along with a syncopated drum beat makes the track so epic and catchy. Mothertapes as a band has a unique sound, a little prog-pop and math-rock along with good vocals makes up the dynamic for this project. I really like how they balance the instrumental parts with the vocals/lyrics. At points it feels like an instrumental band, then the vox comes in and the song feels more complete. The whole album is superbly mixed and is one of my favorites from last year.

Car Seat Headrest

Brilliant new album from Virginia’s Car Seat Headrest. The album is called Teens of Style. The first track, “Sunburned Shirts”, starts it off with an energetic guitar part and heavy reverb vocals. Car Seat Headrest brings a cool mix of grunge-rock and guitar pop. The album as a whole is very well written between the lyrics and the guitar riffs. Teens of Style is a super catchy album that you’ll want to listen to over and over again.