New music from Portland band Coastlands. The post-rock band has just released their single “Western Skies” last week for their upcoming album. Coastlands’ music is more on the ambient side of the post-rock spectrum. “Western Skies” starts off nicely with floating guitar/keyboard noise, along with some rolling snare and cymbal hits. Then around the 3 minute mark is when the build up starts to come to fruition, and that’s when the hard guitar chords come in to take over your attention. The ending of “Western Skies” is very beautiful, as it is what the entire song has been leading to, a feeling of completeness. Coastlands put on an excellent show as well, they just announced a few dates where they will tour. March 5th in Seattle, April 29th in Oakland, and April 30th in San Jose. There will also be several shows in Portland as well.

Rare Diagram

Rare Diagram is a Portland, OR based band. They came out with their album, Secret Shot at the beginning of November last year. The best way to describe Rare Diagram is an epic pop-rock sound written in a carnival that was loosely Broadway-themed. Secret Shot starts with one of my favorite tracks “Come Home,” which starts off kind of ambient and softly sung. Then it bursts forth to rupture the cockles of your eardrums. Rare Diagram brings hit after hit on this record, it’s hard to choose my favorite tracks. The songwriting is such an inspiring whirlwind of pop and rock, it’s easy to let loose and dance to every song. You have to trust me and just listen to the whole thing over and over again.