Baby Island – Break the Lease

Break the Lease is Baby Island’s new album that dropped August 18th, 2017. It recalls their previous self-titled release in it’s carefree but philosophical tones and aesthetics. IMHO Baby Island (2012) is a classic album crafted as a vaguely psychedelic, more childlike indie-folk-pop album.

Break the Lease carries on Baby Island’s awesome tradition of extremely catchy tunes. One standout, “Tobacco” starts out “Do you smoke tobacco / do you have a fight? / Are you an asshole / who wanna parties everynight?” complete with punk rock chants repeating. Smokers start to wonder if they’re assholes too. As the song transitions into viola and whistling “Tobacco” moves into anthemic “All rise for the women in the children / Baby, baby, baby don’t you walk on me / I’ll be under the Christmas Tree.” Now smokers are pondering what exactly defines an asshole and how everyone they’ve met might fall into that category, or out. The track is introspective but upbeat, everything you want.

We’ve been anticipating this album since Baby Island and sideproject Memory Boys played The Know half-a-decade ago, and it fully delivers. Sharing members of indie stars LAKE, Eli Moore and Ashley Eriksson take a turn towards smoky and subdued, embracing stripped down concise song-writing. Break the Lease is also a powerful album, therapeutic and inspiring. Check out Break the Lease when you need to reflect on the meaning of life, or if you just want some great music to listen to.


New album from Michigan rockers Heaters. The new one is called Matterhorn. Heaters has an excellent swirling sound of guitars, keys, bass, drums, and vocals. Matterhorn is a fantastic psych-rock soundscape that seems like it belongs in the ever-changing season of Autumn. I love how the vocals get really layered and distorted by each other. The guitars are another really well done part in the sound of the new album. The way they layer the guitars makes for that drone-y type of psych-rock, it’s really excellent. The song writing is great too, each song gets wrapped up in itself and the album as a whole. When Matterhorn ends it’s kinda of like, is that the end? I could listen to it over and over, and not get tired of it. Matterhorn by Heaters is a fantastic piece of psych-rock that can be enjoyed by all.

Reptaliens FM-2030

New music from local Portland band Reptaliens. The new album is called FM-2030 and it is made up of dreamy psych-pop sounds. The debut album is a wonderful piece of synthesizers and bass lines with breathy vocals. FM-2030 has a kind of sound that could be from the future radio for sure, I really enjoy how all the tracks flow together to make this album. My favorite tracks are “If You Want”, “666bus”, and “Satan’s Song”. The whole album feels almost effortless, just really well put together and it is so nice to listen to. Reptaliens are a great band to see live and to put on the record player. They’ll be playing Holocene on November 1st and the Wonder Ballroom on New Year’s Eve, don’t miss them!

UPCOMING: Mr. Carmack, Mija, Knox Fortune, Vlad Sepetov

Saturday, October 21st 2017 – Wonder Ballroom

When someone says EDM you might think of full-on 90’s techno glowstick raves but electronic music has come a long way in the decade taking catchy novel samples to the new new level of sophistication. Mr Carmack’s brew of dubstep style EDM and vapewave is highly danceable but modern and space-aged. If you appreciate getting down to some rugged trap but also like to get stoned and chill, this is your band.

Mr. Carmack comes to Portland’s Wonder Ballroom Saturday October 21st as part of Redbull Sound Select. It’s going to be a show with lots of vibes and a little bit of grime. Mija is another vapewave producer who brings the best of the chillstep sounds who will be there also.

On this track “Better” with Vindata you can hear the good stuff that happens when producers like Mija can bring an uplifting mood with bouncy rhythmns combined with playful samples and positive themes. Tracks like these are beautiful works of art and a welcomed subterfuge in today’s complex electronic society. We’re really excited to see what Knox Fortune and Vlad Sepetov have to bring too. See you Saturday Oct 21 at Wonder Ballroom.