A Bunch Of New Music

Another great Tuesday full of new releases. Let’s get straight to it with Vancouver, BC artist Teen Daze with his debut full length All Of Us, Together. This album is so good! One of the best electronic albums I have heard all year. Full of sweeping synths and a chill techno vibe to it, All Of Us, Together is one of the must hear instrumental albums this summer. It has a little bit of Shlohmo influence in it along with other great chill electro beats influences. Check it out for yourself below. Make sure you check out “The New Balearic.” It’s one of my favorites.

Next up is the Crocodiles’ third full length album called Endless Flowers. Another great release from the San Diego band. Much like their previous release Sleep Forever, the new one has a great lo-fi, fuzz rock quality to it. Though unlike their previous work, Endless Flowers has a more pop sound to it, making it a little less stony than Sleep Forever. It is a well put together album and can be listened to here.

Another Vancouver, BC band with a new full length out today is Japandroids with their second LP called Celebration Rock. I absolutely loved their debut Post-Nothing so I had high expectations for the the new recording, and I have to say that Celebration Rock lives up to them. This new album sounds a lot more polished than the previous one and it rocks just as hard. The noise these two guys make is incredible, great drumming along with heavy guitar rifts and fuzz vocals is what they’re all about. The album sounds just like its name, celebration-rock. Check it out here. “The House That Heaven Built” and “The Night of Wine and Roses” are my faves.
Now a couple of brand new singles. First is CocoRosie with “We Are On Fire”/”Tearz For Animals.” Their voices are so intriguing and the type of psychedelic pop they produce is really gripping. I really enjoy “Tearz For Animals” mostly because of the theme of “Do you have love for human kind.” Really great work from these two once again. Listen to it below.

Another brand new double A side single from one of my favorite bands last year, Young Galaxy, is also available now. “Shoreless Kid”//”Youth Is Wasted On The Young” is a little bit darker than their previous full length, Shapeshifting, but promises a great new direction for the future of this highly talented synth-pop band. Check out the tracks below.

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