Aan + Eight Bells + Zechs Marquise

Got some great math metal for you all today. Those unfamiliar with the term, math metal is a sub-genre of metal that includes weird time signatures and awesome syncopation. So first up is El Paso, TX band Zechs Marquise. These guys rock super hard, with driving bass lines, dynamite drumming, and psychedelic guitars. Their latest album, Getting Paid is absolutely fantastic, it’s a lot like exploring a place that you haven’t been to before. Check them out below. Getting Paid is a really cohesive album so you should listen to it all the way through, but if I had to choose a couple of tracks check out the first two and “Time Masters.” The cover art is also really cool too.

Next up is local Portland band Eight Bells. I was able to see them recently at the PDX Pop Now festival, and they totally rocked faces off there. More along the lines of noise rock, it’s hard to believe there are only three people in the band. A sweeping guitar that can go from 0-150 mph in 0.3 seconds into a screeching, blistering solo, some crazy awesome drumming, and bass lines that either glide or set the tone on where to head bang. These ladies, and gentleman, know how to please the ears. Check out their demo Isosceles below, and be on the lookout for their debut full length hopefully coming out at the end of the year.

Last up is another local band called Aan, pronounced on. These guys are more of an experimental pop-rock band. You can also say that they have some folky undertones to them as well. I really enjoy their sound, and their singer has a really cool voice that lends to their unique sound. I’m really looking forward to their debut full length album that is set to come out in the fall. Check out the single “I Don’t Need Love” below, also their 7″ that came out last year.

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