Alabama Shakes + Bear In Heaven + The Lumineers

Lots of good new music today. Let’s start with an band I’ve spotlighted a little already with Alabama Shakes. Their debut album Boys And Girls┬ácame out today. It’s a great soulful, bluesy album and I have to say I love it! It’s really one of the best ones I’ve heard this year so far. Check it out here. My favorite tracks are “Hold On” and “Rise To The Sun.”
Bear In Heaven also came out with a new album today called I Love You, It’s Cool. Now I haven’t really listened to Bear In Heaven’s earlier material so my opinion might be skewed. The album is a little too 80s for me, though I enjoy the singles “Sinful Nature” and “The Reflection of You.” It’s really heavy on the synth-pop which gets pretty repetitive over the course of 10 tracks. I believe you can listen to the album on Spotify or possibly on their website here. But check out the singles below.

Another great album that came out today is The Lumineers’ debut self titled full length. It’s a really great folksy, singer/songwriter type of music. Though there are some songs that remind me of older Cold War Kids, so it has cool kind of minimalist rock mixed in with it. They have seen some success with the single “Ho Hey” which is definitely one of my favorite tracks on the album. So if you like sentimental alt-folk with good songwriting then check out The Lumineers here.


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