Alabama Shakes + White Orange

Hey everyone I’ve been digging on these two bands the last couple of days and thought I should share them with you! We’ll start with local Portland, Oregon band White Orange. I just caught their side project, Black Pussy, the other night and they rocked so I thought I would check out their main act. It is some really awesome psychedelic rock/metal, a lot of wah-wah pedals being used at the same time. Check out the latest self-titled album below and rock out.

Next up is a band that I came across recently called Alabama Shakes. Their debut album drops the first week of April, but their single “Hold On” is one of those songs that I can’t get out of my head. I would say that their music is rock ‘n’ soul, and I’m really excited to hear their first album. After hearing the EP below I’m sure you’ll be too.

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