Alberta Cross + Moon By You

This week sees the release of Alberta Cross’s second full length record called Songs Of Patience. Alberta Cross has a big time rock and roll sound that fills up your stereo with great epic sounding tunes. Following on the lines of alternative 90s rock, they have that kind of Oasis sound that makes you nod your head along to every song. Songs Of Patience is a good album and not to be missed with tracks like “Magnolia” and “Lay Down” it’s definitely worth a listen. Check out a little preview of the album below.

Next up is a local Portland band Moon By You. This five piece band transcends decades of rock ‘n’ roll music. Sounding like a late 50s rock band they have their own unique flavor of blues, soul, and of course rock. Moon By You is fronted by Sarah Q’s richly sweet voice and jangly rhythm guitar. With walking bass lines and great lead guitar fills and solos Moon By You’s sound is completed with great drumming and rocking piano. They are really fun to listen to, their songs change tempos but are still very dance-able. Check out their 8-track album below, my favorite tracks are “In The Belly Of Mama Wolf” and “On The Run.”

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