Atomic Mama + Fountains

Two more weeks to the inaugural Treefort Music Festival in Boise, Idaho, so how about a couple more bands that will be performing there? Atomic Mama is a local act of Boise and they have a great EP out called Bodies In the Sun. There is all kinds of different influences here, some electronic dj style stuff mixed with guitars and loud synthesizers. It’s awesome party music that’s for sure. My favorite track is “Psychocillin Roboboogie” so check out that song (track 5) plus the EP below.

Now for some great post-rock goodness with a band called Fountains. Drawing on the influences of past post-rock greats makes listening to Fountains’ Barn EP seem almost nostalgic. Though they are only a guitar, synth, and drums, it sounds more like a five piece band. I believe the right term for this band is hella-posty. Check out the EP below.

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