Mission Spotlight + Sad Baby Wolf + My Goodness

Hi everyone! It’s good to be back writing about music again. I have some great bands for you all today that will be at Music Fest NW in a couple of weeks. First up is alt-country band Mission Spotlight. A local Portland band that has the americana sound down to a key. Their latest EP is called Everything That Floats and is available on bandcamp for name your own price. Twangy guitars, smooth bass lines, awesome slide guitar riffs, and a booming voice is what makes up Mission Spotlight’s sound. It’s perfect for sitting around the campfire or riding into town on your trusty steed. Check them out below. I really like the first two tracks and “Paris.”

Next up is Albuquerque, NM band, Sad Baby Wolf. This outfit came to be when a couple of former The Shins members decided to play some music for a benefit. Almost a second coming of Flake Music, Sad Baby Wolf has that great lo-fi fuzz rock ‘n’ roll. I’m really digging on their two singles “Survival Guide” and “8th Level.” I’m really excited to hear more from this band of great rockers. Check out their tracks below.

Last up for today is Seattle duo, My Goodness. Hitting the same vein as (earlier) The Black Keys, My Goodness gives your ear drums a good beating. Big overdrive guitar backed with awesome drumming and incredible vocals is all My Goodness needs to rock your face off, kick it when it’s down, and then put back on your skull so that it can melt. Check out their debut self-titled album below, also the kick-ass video too.

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