Big Ass Boombox Festival Night 1

This is the second year of Big Ass Boombox, and last night was the first of two nights for this free festival. The festival features all types of pop and rock music in the Northwest. With 40 bands playing in two days on three stages, it’s no wonder why this festival is creating a lot of buzz. Not to mention that it is entirely free for whoever wants to see these bands.

The first band that we saw was Friends and Family based in Seattle at Someday Lounge. Though their outfits were a little flamboyant, their music was light-hearted and folky. They reminded me of Typhoon a little bit, though their violin player tap dances in a couple songs. They are currently finishing up their first LP and hopefully will be releasing that soon. For now check out the latest single “Laura in the Woods.”

Next we went over to Backspace to catch another Seattle band called Kithkin. Each member of this tribal-pop band has their own percussion set up. Whether it’s a whole drum kit or bongos or a floor tom and cowbell. Kithkin’s brand of music is very powerful and very dance-able. Check out their 8-track Takers & Leavers below.

Next up was local Portland band Lee Corey Oswald. This power punk-pop band plays loud and makes you dance with their catchy tunes. They have a great full length out called Moon Songs and are about to come out with a split 12″ in February. Check them out below.

After Lee Corey Oswald we scurried down to Kelly’s Olympian to see Seattle’s Yuni In Taxco. This four piece had an awesome psychedelic post-punk kind of sound. Everything about Yuni In Taxco is pretty damn groovy. Check out their full length Prizes below.

The last band that we caught at Kelly’s was Monoplane from Salem, OR. These guys rocked our faces so hard we couldn’t imagine seeing another band afterwards. With influences of Modest Mouse, Pixies, Fugazi, Archers of Loaf, and Sleater-Kinney it’s easy to immediately fall in love with this band. I have been rocking out to their newest single “Break It” for the last 20 hours straight. Check it out.

Stay tuned for night 2 of Big Ass Boombox and if you are in the Portland area you should come out to see awesome local bands for free! We’ll be at Backspace around 8pm for The Jesus Rehab.

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