Big Ass Boombox Part 1


This past weekend saw the third installment of Big Ass Boombox, a free music festival dedicated to loud pop influenced music. The festival features mostly local Portland bands with a few Seattle bands thrown in as well.
The first band that I caught was Cambrian Explosion. The sound that Cambrian Explosion has is straight psychedelic rock and roll. With a nice slow groove with high flying guitar solos. They were one of my favorite bands to see.



Next band we saw was Foxy Lemon. These guys have a more streamlined rock and roll sound with punk influences. They put on a high energy show that got the crowd moving. Foxy Lemon has a classic rock kind of sound to them that is irresistible.




Up after Foxy Lemon was one man band, Hands In. His style of music is more on the psychedelic electronic-pop side of the spectrum. With jangly guitar riffs and cool drum machine beats, Hands In was quite entertaining to watch and listen to.


After Hands In we enjoyed a rousing set from Autonomics. The sound from Autonomics is a blend of punk-pop and surf metal. Their live show and recordings have such a positive high energy. The album is called Trust Your Instincts, go buy it.



Last band of the night was Adventure Galley. A band that formed in Eugene and has moved their way up to Portland. These guys have a groovy synth-pop type of sound to them. Adventure Galley has some really dancy tunes and the people were getting down to their set.