Big Ass Boombox Part 2

Night 2 of Big Ass Boombox was just as special as the first night if not more so. Things kicked off for us at Ash St Saloon with Atlas and the Astronaut. A high energy rock band with a classic rock sound. Their live show is a little eccentric but all the more awesome because of it.


Next band we saw was Brain Control. A loud pop-rock band with another very high energy lead singer. Brain Control is a little more on the indie pop side of the spectrum.



After seeing Brain Control we went over to Kelly’s Olympian to see one of our favorite Portland bands, Summer Cannibals. Once again Summer Cannibals crushed it with their gritty rock and roll. They also played a cover of “Breaking the Law,” which kicked ass.




To close out the night and the Big Ass Boombox festival was A Happy Death. Their name is a lot like their music, a surfy-psycho billy, doomy type of rock. The crowd got all riled up and the lead singer decided to crowd surf at the end of the set.



Overall Big Ass Boombox Vol.3 was by far the most fun free festival I’ve been to. If you are a fan of free live shows please do yourself a favor and go to the little ass boombox shows at the end of every month at Kelly’s Olympian. And stay tuned next year for more shenanigans.