Billions and Billions

The PDX Pop Now! festival starts next Friday. That means a bunch of talented Portland rockers and rollers will be shredding, ripping, and other verbaging all weekend long. One such band will be Billions And Billions. A heavy rocking, psychedelic type of metal music, with a touch of math rock. Their latest album is called Old Fashioned Lefty. It starts out hard and fast with “We Came From Dust.” These guys are seriously good and their music is free on their bandcamp page. My favorite track just might be “Space Goat.”

Next up is an Australian band called Ride Into The Sun. They are another psychedelic rock band, but are on a more droney/stoner vein than Billions And Billions. Ride Into The Sun’s latest release is a self-titled EP that came out earlier this month. The music is super fuzzy between the guitar and vocals. I really like the opening track “Hunt Like Wolves” and “These Are The Ones That Shoot.”

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