Blue Cranes + Sun Angle

blue cranes

Available for pre-order now is the latest adventure of Portland explorers Blue Cranes. Before you even read, just have a listen.

What you’re hearing is what some bloggers might call post-jazz. The minimal and progressive song structures are reminiscent of post-rock groups like Explosions or Godspeed, But what Blue Cranes puts forth is a bold mixture of abstract heavy metal, classically inspired orchestral movements, and jazz improvisation. Where many groups struggle to incorporate such diverse elements, Blue Cranes builds a brilliant synergy. The aptly named “Everything is Going to be Okay” is a gorgeously representative piece that begins in a slow slog of gloom, then moves through an extraordinary little epiphany, until it breaks into joyous piano over groovy bass. When the sax solo kicks in, man, I really felt like everything was going to be just fine.

sun angle

Sun Angle’s debut album Diamond Junk is not chaotic like the critics say. Fast, yes, but it’s calculated. Messy, they say. I say, enthusiastic. With speed and precision, Sun Angle delivers a potent blast of psychedelic multi-instrumental indie rock. The rough aesthetics do not mask their technical prowess, as shredding solos bleed seamlessly into soaring progressive compositions. The album shines iridescent like a pile of Diamond Junk. A long-time favorite of mine, these fellows are not to be missed in concert, where the spectacular guitar-work and worldly beats move the crowd in all dimensions and raises the roof all the way to the quasars. Things get weird below:

Feels Like Home #52: Sun Angle – “Time Snakes” from INTOTHEWOODS.TV on Vimeo.

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