Here is a brand new album from Winnipeg band Boats. A Fairway Full Of Miners is unbelievably poppy and very well written. Their sound is made up of synth lines that sound like they’re coming from an ’80s arcade and a lead singer’s vocals that are on the soprano side of the scale. But there’s also extremely catchy bass lines and jangly guitar riffs throughout the album. A Fairway Full Of Miners starts off with “Animated GIFs,” that have background vocals singing “And all your friends will turn to shit.” So there are themes that have to do with growing up and becoming more responsible. It’s a great album so be sure to listen to “Great Skulls,” “We Got Tables And Chairs,” and “Getting Worse.jpeg.” Boats will be playing Holocene on March 3rd.

Another new release this week is Thao & The Get Down Stay Down’s We The Common. This local Portland band has such a cool folky pop-rock feel to them. Not to mention Thao’s voice is sultry and poppy and great to listen to. The album is a great listen, almost like a soundtrack to an indie romantic comedy movie. My favorite songs are the opening “We The Common” and “City.”

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