Bottom Feeder + Mournful Congregation

If you enjoy metal for breakfast (lunch, and dinner, and drunkfood..), then feed yourself some of this: Bottom Feeder. Recently released is their debut LP “Grinding Teeth,” of which you can get a gritty first listen below. The brainchild of Danish rocker Nikolaj Jakobsen, Bottom Feeder is just the tip of the iceberg from Jakobsen’s Raw Birth Records and the righteous Copenhagen sludge metal scene. They opened up this years’ second annual Heavy Days in Doomtown festival which happened in May. It is a monstrous underground DIY niche festival with top quality international artists, centered around a particular town’s ability to act as a hub for a particular region’s sound, strangely similar to Boise’s Treefort Music Fest. Click here for more awesome Northern European metal bands from Heavy Days in Doomtown 2013.

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With hounding effects running along rhythmic stampedes of shredding guitarwork, this stuff gets me excited about sludge metal all over again. A deadly combination of meticulous technical accomplishments and dark visionary leaves your eardrums wrecked in the best way. If you’ve been looking for something heavy, groovy, and strangely fascinating, then Bottom Feeder is your jam.

Slowing it down, Mournful Congregation slowly bubbles with fetid atmosphere like a pool of sulfuric sludge belching from the belly of the earth. These morbid horsemen of the apocalypse howl into deep caverns of reverb and exhume their crushing riffs from the dirt. From Australia, they actually made an appearance at Heavy Days in Doomtown 2013, and embody this re-examination of the possibilities of drone, sludge, and doom. Descend into your dark space below.

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