Brainstorm + Soccer Babes

Hey everyone, got some more new music for your face holes today. Starting with Portland’s duo/ trio Brainstorm. Their new full length album, Heat Waves, came out yesterday. This is a great album from these guys/girl. Really catchy drum beats with jangly guitars and cool harmonization make up the sound, there is some tuba in there as well. Heat Waves is like listening to a hot island song that quickly melts an ice cold heart. I bet if you listen to it, you’ll find your new favorite song. Whether it’s “Flat Earth,” “Forms Without A Frame,” or “Maybe A Memory.” This is a really great album and you should buy it from our friends at Tender Loving Empire.

Next up is Eugene, OR post-punk trio, Soccer Babes. These guys have a really great sound, that gives a fresh take on post-punk pop. If you like Surfer Blood and Japandroids, you will like Soccer Babes. With great drumming skills and shredding guitars, it’s very hard not to head bang to their latest EP titled EP II. So take a minute to listen to them below. My favorite track is “Island Mana.”

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