Woods + Horse Thief

New music from Brooklyn based Woods called, With Light and with Love. This new album is evokes a lot of psychedelic motifs of classic kraut rock and mixes with the stylings of acoustic folk-rock. Of course the signature of Woods is the lead singer’s falsetto vocals. I have become dangerously obsessed with the track “Moving to the Left.” The guitar solos and vocals make it super carefree, reminiscent of early Flaming Lips.

Horse Thief is a little more on the contemporary side of folk-rock. Well built songs with catchy guitar riffs and lovely singing. Horse Thief has songs that make you want to dance around. The new album is their first full length called, Fear in Bliss, and it is very solid.

First Aid Kit + Sun Angle

Hey everyone, I’ve been sort of lazy this past week, but I’ve got some great music for you today. We’ll start with First Aid Kit. Their latest effort is called The Lion’s Roar and it is a beautiful epic folk album. The leading ladies have got some of the greatest harmonies I’ve heard in a while. The country twang to their sound makes it kind of hard to believe they are from Sweden, but it’s true. Make sure to check it out here and their older stuff here and my favorite track below.

Next up is a band I just saw live last week and I thoroughly enjoyed their music very much, they are called Sun Angle. Amazing drumming, shredding guitar, and heavily reverb and echo-y vocals are the cornerstone for this band. They are very fun to listen to. I mean how can you not love that drummer. Some very superb music, name your own price for their EP here, or listen to it below.

Chrome Sparks + Alex Ebert

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros’ front man Alex Ebert put out a new solo project album called Alexander back in March. It is a really great American folk-y album. The single “Truth” has such a catchy whistle part coupled with simple guitar strums and the airy vocals makes for a great song.

The next band that I came across today is Chrome Sparks. His new EP titled My <3 is available on bandcamp for name your own price. There is some really great electronic layering with cool drum loops and bells, that all combine for something really beautiful. If you like Washed Out and other chillwave music definitely check out Chrome Sparks.

Tender Loving Empire

One of the best record labels based in Portland, Oregon is Tender Loving Empire. Some of the greatest Northwest indie bands are on this label. Something about all the bands is that feeling of classic American nostalgia. Almost like folk music, but you can hardly say that about Finn Riggins. They are more of a prog-rock trio with some steel drums in a couple of their tracks. Though they haven’t come out with a full length album in two years, they just released a single “Some Are Knightz.”
Now Jared Mees & The Grown Children are one of my new favorite bands. They just released their third album on the label called Only Good Thoughts Can Stay, which is a very appropriate title for this album. Another thing about all the bands from Tender Loving Empire is that they put on great live shows, and it seems like they are always putting on shows all over the Northwest.
Other great bands include; Typhoon, Boy Eats Drum Machine, Y La Bamba, Loch Lomond, Radiation City, and more!
You can also stream full albums from some of these bands for free here.

Oh To Be Young and Evil

The Young Evils is an up and coming band from Seattle, WA. Their debut album, Enchanted Chapel is out now and you can stream it for free on their bandcamp site here. The album is a great mix of feel good rock ‘n’ roll and folk music. Right now they are unsigned, but the album was produced by Barrett Jones who has done albums with Nirvana and The Melvins. It is a great summer-y type of album and I highly recommend it. If you have the chance to see them live, take it.
Now going in a different direction is Norse Horse. Ryan Beal shows that he is one of the best that can loop guitars in a sweepingly hypnotic rhythm, while making it easy to listen to. According to his record label, Family Time Records, Mr. Beal is currently working on a follow up to his debut album Secret Geographies, which is sold out. Check out “Swamp Trotter” and other great songs here.