New music from Portland band Coastlands. The post-rock band has just released their single “Western Skies” last week for their upcoming album. Coastlands’ music is more on the ambient side of the post-rock spectrum. “Western Skies” starts off nicely with floating guitar/keyboard noise, along with some rolling snare and cymbal hits. Then around the 3 minute mark is when the build up starts to come to fruition, and that’s when the hard guitar chords come in to take over your attention. The ending of “Western Skies” is very beautiful, as it is what the entire song has been leading to, a feeling of completeness. Coastlands put on an excellent show as well, they just announced a few dates where they will tour. March 5th in Seattle, April 29th in Oakland, and April 30th in San Jose. There will also be several shows in Portland as well.

Sun Blood Stories

Brand new album from Sun Blood Stories called Twilight Midnight Morning. This Idaho band have a sweet droney style of music. Sun Blood Stories craft a witchy concoction of brooding drone-rock. The opening track “Palace Mountain Mirage” opens the album with an excellent slide guitar riff that sets the mood for the rest of Twilight Midnight Morning. Tracks 4 (Witch Wind) and 6 (Night Tremor) have a more highly driven bass line that makes for more of a psychedelic-metal feel to it. My favorite track on the record is the finale “Misery is Nebulous.” Sun Blood Stories brings such great musicianship to this record, and it sounds amazing, so go listen to it and support independent artists.

Wild Nothing

Last week saw the release of Wild Nothing’s latest EP Empty Estate. This brightly meandering album is the soundtrack for walking around with nowhere to go. The 7 song EP starts off with a bright pop song in “The Body In Rainfall.” Followed closely by a very nicely syncopated chiller track called “Ocean Repeating.” This EP offers a lot of different paths for all listeners. Definitely one of the most solid EP’s I’ve heard this year. My Favorite track is “On Guyot.”

Another new release last week was Portland artist Eluvium. This is Matthew Cooper’s seventh studio album under the moniker of Eluvium. The album is called Nightmare Ending. This is an epic 2 CD release that is just under 84 minutes long. Nightmare Ending is an incredible mixture of ambient post-rock music. Mr. Cooper writes beautifully landscaped pieces that have well crafted piano melodies, which stretches to endless depths. Listen to the sample of the album above and be taken on a peaceful journey through space and time.

The Soft Moon + El Ten Eleven

Hi everyone, got some fantastic new instrumental music today. We’ll start it off with San Fransico band The Soft Moon. The sound that they produce is a darkly energetic trance of drone electronic music. Their newest full length Zeroes is full of anxiously driven guitar riffs and drum beats that keep pounding on your eardrums. It is such a great change of pace from what I have been listening to, it’s also great music to work out/ clean to. My favorite tracks are “Zeros” and “Insides.” Check it out below.

Now going in an opposite feel of instrumental electronic music is L.A. band El Ten Eleven. This duo has some of the best intricate and amazing looping that I’ve heard in a while. El Ten Eleven has a brand new full length album called Transitions. The album is so solid all the way through. It is so warm and pleasant that you drift through it for a little while, then the break down comes or there’s some sort of sweet new riff that is introduced, it makes you go woah that was cool. I really like the opening track titled “Transistions.” Check them out below then go buy their album and share with friends.

Winning The War On Drugs

Today saw the release of The War On Drugs’s third LP, Slave Ambient. This album is super cool, very relaxed and has a sort of ambient jam-band feel for it. It really brings an element of the dog days of summer. Stream it for free here.

Also out today is Fool’s Gold’s second full length Leave No Trace. I really like the first track, “The Dive,” it has some really cool guitar work along with the rest of the album. It can also be streamed for free here.
Go check out for some really cool new stuff, like new music from CANT and Balam Acab.