Elvis Depressedly

Here’s another artist who is going to be at Treefort 2017. They go by Elvis Depressedly, and their latest release is called California Dreamin’. Elvis Depressedly has a very chill, lo-fi glam-pop sound to them. California Dreamin’ is the type of EP that makes you want to curl up with a hot cup of booze and stare reflectively out of your window. The undertones of each track gives a slight dizzying sensation that creates a sense of something just out of reach. Elvis Depressedly has a great catalog of songs that are all around two minutes long, but I have to say my favorite is “Angel Cum Clean”. Definitely excited to see these guys at Treefort next March.


New music from Savannah, GA band Triathalon. The album came out in November and is called Nothing Bothers Me. The three piece band has a cool sound of chill rock ‘n’ roll mixed with poppy drums and semi-falsetto vocals. What stands out in Nothing Bothers Me is the groovy guitar leads. There’s a great balance of down-tempo and up-tempo songs on the album, along with good songwriting. Triathalon makes great music to just chill out to. Favorite songs are “It’s You” “Chill Out” and “Step Into the Dark”.