Manatee Commune

New release by one of our favorite electronic artists, Manatee Commune. The solo project of Grant Eadie has been gaining the recognition he deserves. The new EP release is called Thistle. It’s a great mix of chillwave rhythms and bouncy pop melodies. Manatee Commune is one of those artists that you can listen to over and over and not get tired of it. Thistle is no exception, starting off with the lush, booty shaking track “Brick Orange” shows that this EP is even more dance prone than his previous releases. “Blueberry” starts off more chilled, until it gets to that breakdown. Right in the middle of Thistle is the single and possibly my favorite track of his, “Clay” featuring Marina Price. Manatee Commune brings the house down with the new EP Thistle, so be sure to check it out. He is about to start a mini tour in April and will be playing Portland/Seattle on the 10th and 11th this month.

Manatee Commune

Here’s another bunch of Treefort Music Fest artists to wrap your ears around. After the final wave of artists was announced, there is now about 350 bands coming to Boise at the end of March.
The first band we dug up is Bellingham, WA chillwave artist, Manatee Commune. The instrumental stylings of Manatee Commune has a groovy, yet ambient kind of sound. The newer singles have more of a free form, floating vibe than his EP release in 2012. Manatee Commune takes his sound directly from the Pacific Northwest sometimes literally, lots of rain noises and native bird calls. Definitely worth a listen and a charitable download here.

Next is Boulder, CO artist Frugal Father. His music is a weird mix of minimalism and dance, which I really enjoy. Then the vocal styling is also a bit strange, kind of a deadpan delivery, that actually plays really well into the music that’s being created. Check out Frugal Father’s singles and download for free here.

Last but not least is Boise duo Avtale. The vocals are beautiful and the music is a little on the darker side. Avtale’s sound is dirty electro-pop that gets fuzzy on the bass and heavy in the beats. You can’t help but move your body to the track “Groundless.”

Social Studies + Summer Heart

Two more great bands for everyone today. Starting off with the San Francisco five piece band Social Studies. Their sophomore full length album Developer came out last week. Social Studies is a rock infused pop band that has intricate melodies and amazing vocals to give their sound a bluesy kind of feel to it. Sometimes the guitar gets a little buried behind the drums and keys, but when it comes up in full force, it shreds your face off. It’s hard to say that this is a pop album with all the other types of influences implanted into their songs. I really enjoy Developer and you should go out and buy it, or at least listen to it below. My favorite tracks are “Delicate Hands” and “You Still Laughing.”

Next up is Swedish artist Summer Heart. His latest full length About A Feeling came out back in April this year. This chillwave sound is very creative. Summer Heart’s technique on auto-tune is very interesting, whether it’s used for layering vocals or for the main vocal track makes his sound much more unique. Besides the vocals though there is cool clangy guitars and well used keys and synthesizers throughout the tracks. Though maybe not my favorite album of the year, About A Feeling has several gems that I’ve been putting on repeat. “Rusted Scars,” “I Wanna Go,” and “Los Angeles Lies” are my favorites that have been wearing out my speakers, so check them out below.

Onuinu + The Raveonettes

A great debut full length album from one of the hottest bands here in Portland came out this week. I’m talking about the band Onuinu’s album Mirror Grazer. This is one of the better albums that I’ve heard this year. Mirror Grazer is a super groovy, booty shakin’ electro-boogie sounding record. I’ve been blasting it on repeat all week. Play it at a party and I guarantee it will have people dancing to it. Check it out below, my favorite tracks are “Always Akward,” “A Step In The Right Direction,” “Ice Palace,” and “Happy Home.”

Next up is the latest album from The Raveonettes called Observator. I’m really enjoying this album as well. They remind me of a noisier XX. The Raveonettes put out a really cool indie noise-rock album that sounds fresh with each track. I really like the variety that they offer throughout, it definitely doesn’t get repetitive which can happen with some noise-rock bands. Check it out below, it’s really good to listen to for the new fall season.

It’s Tuesday!

Wow what a big release day today. Wilco’s The Whole Love, Blink-182’s Neighborhoods, Mastodon’s The Hunter, Dum Dum Girls’ Only In Dreams, and Sleep ∞ Over’s Forever.
The Whole Love is Wilco’s seventh studio album and it does not fail to please. Much of the good ol’ Wilco sound is still there, but with a new kind of rock energy that comes forth. If you are a Wilco fan, I highly recommend it. Listen to it here.
Speaking of a seventh studio album, Blink-182 is back with Neighborhoods. Though their sound has matured over the years, Neighborhoods has a bunch of punky-rock pop songs on it. I was quite surprised since I thought they were going to put out another sappy pop album. Plus Travis Barker is probably one of the best drummers alive today. Check it out here.
I’m really excited to finally put an actual metal band on here. Yay! Mastodon comes out with their latest The Hunter. Super rock is what I have to say about them, never disappointing. Though I don’t know a lot of their older music, I am really enjoying this new album. It’s here for a free listen.
With their sophomoric effort, Only In Dreams, the Dum Dum Girls slowed down the tempo just a little bit. Though it sounds more poppy I feel like it’s more of a complete album for them. I am in love with the song “Coming Down” so make sure you check that out and the rest of the album here.
Finally last but definitely not least Sleep ∞ Over’s debut full length Forever is probably my favorite one today. I think the best way to describe it is ambient meets chill wave meets electronica. The synths lay out the landscape while the vocals paint this amazing picture of the cosmos. Check out the video to the single “Casual Diamonds” below.