Close Encounter

Close Encounter is a new band from Seattle. They just released a 7-track EP called First Light. The EP is so groovy and catchy, I can’t stop listening to it. Driving beats, dizzying synths, and well-written guitar parts all make up the excellent song writing that Close Encounter has. I really like how the sound is on the darker side of shoegaze, but still has that super groovy bass line and guitar riffs. You get a feel of the album as soon as the opening notes of “Lumina” hit your ears. Overall, First Light by Close Encounter is a fantastic album with plenty of indie-soul, dream-pop, and shoegaze. Tell your friends!


Wussy is a band out of Cincinnati, OH that just released their 7th album back in March. The new album is called Forever Sounds and it is flush with a brilliant score of lush darkness. Heavy bass, hammering guitars, and pounding drums make up the majority of songs for Wussy. Not to mention the awesome mix of harmonics and lead vocals. Wussy’s psychedelic take on shoegaze just drills into your head and stays there for days. Forever Sounds brings you in close and wraps around your brain for it’s entirety. Definitely one of my favorite albums put out this year so far.

Azul Toga

A new EP from Portland’s own Azul Toga called #2 just came out at the end of June. Azul Toga is a collection of dream pop and lo-fi surf-rock, great for the height of summer. The new EP is the follow up to Azul Toga’s previous summer’s #1. This album has a more refined sound than the previous, but still keeps that sincere closeness to it. The jangly guitars along with the muddled vocals makes for music you want to dance at the beach during the golden hour. #2 by Azul Toga is full of good songs and with it being under 15 minutes total there is no excuse not to listen to it. It is also on the bandcamp page for pay what you want here.

Some (relatively) Unknown Bands

This band I just came across today at GorillaVsBear, they are called Young Galaxy. Their newest album, Shapeshifting, came out in February and it is really cool. You can stream the entire album for free here. They have really chill beats with soundscape like synths and the vocals just add another layer of instrumentation.
Real Estate is a band that I have enjoyed ever since their debut album in 2009 of the same name. Last year they came out with an EP called Reality, and the single “Out of Tune.” They are the perfect summer band with awesome indie guitars and lyrics that are easy to listen to at the pool or the beach.
One of the best bands I have heard  in a while is The Radio Dept. Though they have been around for 10 years, they are still unknown here in the U.S. They just released a best singles double album, which is always a good place to start. Or you can check them out here.
Last but not least I’ll break away from the chill indie music and give you Flake Music. Though now they are better known as The Shins, Flake Music started way back in early/mid-90s with a bunch of singles and EPs. Their only full length is called When You Land Here, It’s Time To Return.