Majical Cloudz

The latest from Majical Cloudz is called Impersonator. The sophomoric full length from this Canadian duo is a beautiful combination of ambient and electronic music. Fronted by a power piercing tenor voice, Majical Cloudz don’t use any kind of drum beat until the third song “Childhood’s End.” The album starts off with title track, “Impersonator.” A drone-y type of track with with a cool vocal loop that tracks all the way to the end. “This Is Magic” is the second song on the album. It starts off similar, with what sounds like organ chords that eventually lead to a ethereal type of synthesizer that builds up with the vocals. My favorite track off Majical Cloudz’s Impersonator album has to be “Bugs Don’t Buzz.” The piano chords really hammer the song into your head, and with opening lyrics “The cheesiest songs all end with a smile. This song won’t end with a smile, my love.” You can’t help but smile and feel piano crush down on you. Pick up a copy of Impersonator and you won’t be disappointed.