Live: Young Magic + Yeasayer

Last night at the Wonder Ballroom was an extraordinary lineup with Yeasayer and Young Magic. They are touring together to support both of their new albums that were released this year.

Young Magic

Young Magic was first up and they put on an excellent show full of mysterious beats and breathy vocals. The new album Still Life is one of my favorites so far. The new album is super lush and well produced, and they bring that lushness to stage as well. Definitely worth a listen and a ticket to see live.



Yeasayer closed out the night with their weird indie-pop tunes. Their latest one is called Amen & Goodbye. Another great release full of glistening pop hits and awesome harmonies. Their live performance sounded great, and was full of lights and cardboard cutouts with more lights.


Overall a great show at the Wonder Ballroom. Yeasayer is hitting Europe in June so be sure to check them out live.

The Soft Moon + El Ten Eleven

Hi everyone, got some fantastic new instrumental music today. We’ll start it off with San Fransico band The Soft Moon. The sound that they produce is a darkly energetic trance of drone electronic music. Their newest full length Zeroes is full of anxiously driven guitar riffs and drum beats that keep pounding on your eardrums. It is such a great change of pace from what I have been listening to, it’s also great music to work out/ clean to. My favorite tracks are “Zeros” and “Insides.” Check it out below.

Now going in an opposite feel of instrumental electronic music is L.A. band El Ten Eleven. This duo has some of the best intricate and amazing looping that I’ve heard in a while. El Ten Eleven has a brand new full length album called Transitions. The album is so solid all the way through. It is so warm and pleasant that you drift through it for a little while, then the break down comes or there’s some sort of sweet new riff that is introduced, it makes you go woah that was cool. I really like the opening track titled “Transistions.” Check them out below then go buy their album and share with friends.

Dan Deacon + The Hood Internet

Hey everyone, got some really groovy music for you all today. We’ll start it off with the ever clever Dan Deacon. His newest release, America came out back in August. I’m really digging on this album, it is really good. With crazy collaboration of electro/dubby beats and an Americana folky feel to it, it’s really something brand new to your ears. I believe this is a really great soundtrack to where America is today, holding on to old traditions while exploring newer technologies to push the future forward. I also really like the way the album is laid out. The first track “Gilford Avenue Bridge” starts out with a bang and a sweeping electro sounds accompanied by some really cool tribal beats. The album then moves onto super catchy electro-pop songs like “Lots,” then ends with an epic four piece movement called “USA.” This album is such a great listen so check it out below.

Next up is chillwave masters The Hood Internet with their newest album called FEAT. This album is all about collaboration with awesome artists and bands, the result is some of the freshest songs this year. Some of the artists on the album include Cadence Weapon, Hooray For Earth, Psalm One, and many more. These beats are super funky groovy that you will have to dance to them, and the album has a great flow to it as well, which is hard for a compilation album. I guarantee that you will find a song on this album that you will play at your next party. Listen to it below and make sure you listen to “More Fun,” “Won’t Fuck Us Over,” “Our Finest China,” and “These Things Are Nice.”

Hustle And Drone + First Borns

Got some new local Northwest artists for you today. I’ll start with one of the hottest Portland bands recently to come on the scene, Hustle and Drone. This electro duo puts together some of the most bad-ass – slow motion walking like a boss – beats. Seriously these guys make great music that should be recognized as some of the best electronic music out this year. Their self-titled EP came out about a month ago and it is super fantastic. If you aren’t hooked by the first track “Index” definitely check out the closer “Body Wash.” Listen to it below and feel like a total slow-motion badass.

Next up is a Boise, ID band called First Borns. Going in a different direction here, First Borns is a lo-fi shoe-gazey three piece. This band also makes super cool music, really hazy/echoey vocals, catchy guitar riffs, bass with heavy fuzz, and chugging drum beats is what you’ll get with First Borns. Their sound reminds me of the part of the night you want to keep partying but the sun is almost up and you’re out of energy, but you don’t want to have such a memorable night end. I really enjoy their brand new self-titled EP which came out on Wednesday. Definitely worth a listen and a dollar donation for download. I’m really excited to hear more from these guys. Check out my faves “She Does Drugs,” “I Know…,” and “Gene.”

More New Releases

A lot of great new music dropped this week; Grimes, Sleigh Bells, and Dustin Wong. Oh, not to mention a brand new album from Cursive. The latest one from the legendary indie band is called I Am Gemini. This album has really great rock. Great classic Cursive sound with some new elements that are added. Check out the entire album here.
Next up is another rocking band called Sleigh Bells. Their second album Reign Of Terror is all up in your face. The classic rock influence mixed with intrusive pop is Sleigh Bells’ style and they show that with this album again. Check out the new one here.
Another Treefort Music Fest performer, Dustin Wong, also came out with an album this week called Dreams Say, View, Create, Shadow Leads. If you love the band Delicate Steve, you will love Dustin Wong. He handles each song with great care, with master guitar layering and an amazing build up for every track. It’s a really great album, mostly instrumental with some jam band qualities to it. Check out some of his stuff here and buy his album here and also check out the trippy video below.

Last but not least is the brand new one from Grimes titled Visions. She has a great voice and amazing talent in the electro-pop field of music. Bouncy synth bass with the high falsetto vocals makes a some what dub-y quality to her music. Check out the album here.