Wooden Indian Burial Ground

New music from Portland outfit, Wooden Indian Burial Ground. Their new full length is called How’s Your Favorite Dreamer?. It’s a journey of experimental psycho-billy rock that pushes the boundaries of psych-rock. WIBG brings out the inner freak right off the bat. Their sound is derived from ear-crushing guitars, hoppy vocals, and overall wobbly chaotic drive that comes from the drums and keys/organ. How’s Your Favorite Dreamer? is one of the best that has come out of Portland this year. The album starts off with two absolute bangers, then slows down for a second to give you a break before getting back into it with “Spazz Pony.” Wooden Indian Burial Ground has more subdued/experimental tracks on this album than their previous full lengths. These guys make an incredible live show so be sure to check them out, and let your freak flag fly with Wooden Indian Burial Ground.

Sun Blood Stories

Brand new album from Sun Blood Stories called Twilight Midnight Morning. This Idaho band have a sweet droney style of music. Sun Blood Stories craft a witchy concoction of brooding drone-rock. The opening track “Palace Mountain Mirage” opens the album with an excellent slide guitar riff that sets the mood for the rest of Twilight Midnight Morning. Tracks 4 (Witch Wind) and 6 (Night Tremor) have a more highly driven bass line that makes for more of a psychedelic-metal feel to it. My favorite track on the record is the finale “Misery is Nebulous.” Sun Blood Stories brings such great musicianship to this record, and it sounds amazing, so go listen to it and support independent artists.

Magic Sword

New music from the mysterious duo from Boise, Magic Sword. Their first full length album is called Volume 1.

How does one describe the Magic Sword? Well, it’s not entirely easy. One could say that they sound like an ’80s synth-rock band, but it goes deeper than that. It might seem that Magic Sword is a cult band, but there is a reason why there is a fanatic following from the people who have listened and seen them live. The way that Magic Sword presents themselves is a sincere approach to combine art and music, since they also released a comic book along with the album. The album itself is produced exquisitely, and is filled with some of the most inspiring, most cinematic sounding music. Volume 1 is a bass heavy, theme song pumping, heroic sounding anthem for the masses. The live show is something on the literal sense of epic, so if you get a chance to catch them, do not hesitate to see their performance.

When the Magic Sword appears, good will always prevail.

When the #MagicSword appears, #facemelting shall always prevail @magicswordmusic #dougfir

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Atlas and the Astronaut

New release from the powerful Atlas and the Astronaut from Vancouver, WA. Tiny Artifacts is their debut full length album. Atlas and the Astronaut have a heavy rock sound with an experimental element to their music. The excellent drumming is one of the first things you notice, along with lead vocalist Beau Rosser. Not to mention the guitars that go from heavy riffs to high flying solos in no time. Overall, Tiny Artifacts is a really well put together album by another local Northwest band that needs more attention. Atlas and the Astronaut is great for rocking out and blasting at maximum volume.

Ghost Ease

As soon as you hit the play button on Ghost Ease’s self-titled debut album, you are immediately transported to a smoke filled garage. Almost a sense of foreboding as the beautifully haunting vocals come in to start the verse. The first track tells you why this band is called Ghost Ease. They play on the edge of unsettledness, but with great song structure and amazing vocal work. With Ghost Ease being their first full length release, it will be a real treat to see what this local Portland band will do next.

On to a more punk influenced band with Thee Oh Sees. Their latest album is called Floating Coffin. This is their seventh full length release in the last five years and it doesn’t disappoint in the slightest. This high energy band loves putting in inspiring guitar riffs with fast pumping drum beats. When Thee Oh Sees do slow it down it becomes a more psychedelic affair that is pleasing to everyone’s ears.