St. Terrible

Got some new music for you all with St. Terrible, a solo act out of Boise, ID. His latest release is called The Gospel of Nothingness and he recorded it with Psych Mt. Revival, a brother duo also from Boise. The album came out in June and it sounds great. St. Terrible has an awesome pop sound mixed with that neo-folk style. There’s a nice balance of vocals, guitars, harmonies, and other ambient noises. The Gospel of Nothingness is one of those albums that you listen all the way through a couple of times in a row. It is a great album to take down to the river on a hot breezy day.
St. Terrible makes this album flow so well, the first couple songs are really upbeat and jammy. Then with “Violence” it mellows out a little more, with a memorable harmony (that actually makes the melody). After that “Talking Dirty With the Spirits” reminds me of some early Animal Collective, it’s a really powerful pop-folk song. It’s hard to choose a favorite song, but the one that sticks out is “Shadows (Mouthless Yelling From the Void)” which starts out with a didgeridoo drone and keeps building through the vocals and drums. Very cool stuff from St. Vincent and Psych Mt. Revival. Do yourself a favor and check out The Gospel of Nothingness.

Live: Edward Sharpe + Friends

Friday the 17th of June the Killing Sasquatch crew went out to Troutdale, OR at the legendary venue Edgefield. To catch some well established acts in Preservation Hall Jazz Band and Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros. We got there right before PHJB took the stage.

Preservation Hall Jazz Band

Started off the Friday night right by catching the swinging jazz band from New Orleans. Preservation Hall Jazz Band played a bunch of classic jazz standards along with a bunch of tunes from their newest album called That’s It!. It was so much fun to see a classic jazz band riff different solos during each song.




Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

The headliner for the night was Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros. It was my first time seeing them live and it was such a fun time. Front man, Alex Ebert, was the definition of cool hipster. I wanted to hate how hip he was, but there was an air of coolness around him that I just couldn’t. They are in support of their latest album, PersonA which came out in April. So they played a bunch of songs from there, but also some old ones and a cover of Velvet Underground’s “Who Loves the Sun”.




It was a great Friday night that will not be forgotten as quickly as some others!

Doncat + Matt Buetow

Music out of San Francisco called Doncat. His latest album is called Don Gato. Doncat’s music is a soulful affair of rock and roll. The sound is very bluesy with the amazing vocals of Duncan Nielsen, and crunchy guitar riffs/solos. Caught his band at Secret Society on Friday, and the live show has great energy, so be sure to catch them.

Yeah so @doncatmusic (SF) is something you should check out. #rocknroll

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Matt Buetow is a local Portland artist. His latest album is called The Valley. The music is a mix of great songwriting along with a folk/grass-roots type of pop. The lap guitar gives it a little extra country twang in some songs. The album sounds great and the live show is just as riveting. Check them out.

Woods + Horse Thief

New music from Brooklyn based Woods called, With Light and with Love. This new album is evokes a lot of psychedelic motifs of classic kraut rock and mixes with the stylings of acoustic folk-rock. Of course the signature of Woods is the lead singer’s falsetto vocals. I have become dangerously obsessed with the track “Moving to the Left.” The guitar solos and vocals make it super carefree, reminiscent of early Flaming Lips.

Horse Thief is a little more on the contemporary side of folk-rock. Well built songs with catchy guitar riffs and lovely singing. Horse Thief has songs that make you want to dance around. The new album is their first full length called, Fear in Bliss, and it is very solid.

Treefort Music Fest Preview

The schedule for Treefort Music Festival has officially been released and it is a little more than daunting. With 350 mainly independent bands/artists attending this year’s festival, it’s hard to know which acts to catch. Well, check out these indie folk-rock groups and ease your mind a little bit.

First band that you’ll want to catch is Sheep Bridge Jumpers from Ketchum/Hailey, ID. These guys have a great, uptempo indie bluegrass, folky sound to them. Sheep Bridge Jumpers will make you want to jump up and dance around just by listening to the recording. They will be playing Saturday, 3/22 at Pengilly’s Saloon 6pm.

Next is Apple Horse from Boise, ID. Their sound is more on the rock and roll style of folk. Apple Horse is so super catchy it’s hard to call them a folk band, they are actually more on the side of pop-rock with some alt-folk influence. The band is reuniting after being on hiatus for the past couple of years just to play the festival, so you don’t want to miss it. They will be playing the District Coffee House on Friday 3/21 at 11pm.

Last but not least is another Boise band called Calico. These young musicians might still be in high school, but are extremely talented. Calico’s music is full of melodic strings, beautiful vocals, and a very Americana sound. You can catch them playing District Coffee House on Saturday 3/22 at 9pm.