Wussy is a band out of Cincinnati, OH that just released their 7th album back in March. The new album is called Forever Sounds and it is flush with a brilliant score of lush darkness. Heavy bass, hammering guitars, and pounding drums make up the majority of songs for Wussy. Not to mention the awesome mix of harmonics and lead vocals. Wussy’s psychedelic take on shoegaze just drills into your head and stays there for days. Forever Sounds brings you in close and wraps around your brain for it’s entirety. Definitely one of my favorite albums put out this year so far.

Clarke and the Himselfs

Brand new debut album from Clarke and the Himselfs, the one man band from Boise, ID. The album is called The Well-Rounded Clarke and the Himselfs. Clarke has a really cool garage rock type of sound, with his combo of playing drums and guitar at the same time. The way he apathetically sings and whistles makes it that much DIY sounding. The Well-Rounded Clarke and the Himselfs is packed with a lot of good songs. My favorites are “Cabin Boy” “Toxic World” and “Asteroid.” I also think that the lyrics are superbly written too. Overall, Clarke and the Himselfs is a fun time to listen to, and if you get the chance to see him live do not pass it up!

This Is Why I Love Tuesdays

Finally after a couple of weeks without some great new music, today’s releases are Jane’s Addiction’s newest The Great Escape Artist, Gauntlet Hair with their debut self-titled album, M83’s¬†Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming, and Real Estate’s sophomoric effort Days.

Real Estate had one of the best releases in 2009 and they don’t disappoint with Days. Much of their old sound is intact for this new release, of course with some neo-70s folk-pop added to it. Much like the last one, this album is great for hanging by the beach and just chillin’ out with homies.
So this Gauntlet Hair debut album is absolutely awesome. It has everything that you want, groovy drum beats (handclaps included), clangy guitars, hazy vocals, and some sweet bumpin’ bass. If I had to classify it, indie dream-pop? I think that’s pretty close. You should listen here and figure it out yourself.
The newest from M83 is a double album titled¬†Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming. This is a very beautiful and well put together album, I enjoy it a lot. I wouldn’t say it’s a concept album like some double lengths, but there are a couple of weird tracks that seem sort of out of place. Check it out here and this awesome video for the single “Midnight City.” It really previews the album nicely, so if you like the single you will definitely like the rest of it.

Staying Cool With Garage Pop

Cloud Nothings is a band from Cleveland, OH that has a sound that is reminiscent of summer road trips. Driving drum tracks with trashy guitars and some reverb vocals all make up that kind of sound. They also have some crazy weird and awesome videos. Their newest self-titled album is out now via Carpark Records.

Another band you should check out is Love Of Everything. This two person band from Chicago has the minimalist aspect of garage rock down like a clown. They have a new 7″ out through Polyvinyl Records.