Cemeteries + Night Moves

Some really great new bands for you all today. We’ll start off with Minneapolis band, Night Moves. Their brand new album, Colored Emotions just came out on the 16th. The sounds that Night Moves produce encompasses all sorts of indie genres, yet not generic to just say it is plainly indie music. With harmonizations that soar to falsetto heights and slide guitars backed with acoustic guitars there is some country twang to their rock-pop beauty. I really enjoy this album from start to finish. Colored Emotions has a lot to offer listeners who like all kinds of indie music.

Next up is Cemeteries, the artist from Buffalo, NY. This is chill dream-pop music at it’s finest. Their debut full length album is called The Wilderness. The album is outrageously good and chill. Cemeteries embodies a lot of different chill ‘n’ roll influences. I hear a lot of The Radio Dept., Real Estate, and Washed Out in their music. They have lots of catchy guitar riffs that drift over landscapes of ambient synthesizers. The Wilderness is a fantastic album that everyone should know about and listen to. So check it out below, my favorite tracks are “Young Blood”, “Summer Smoke”, and “Leland”.

Just Another Tuesday

So today sees the release of Cate Le Bon’s second full length, CYRK. This album is really good. This is another great female lead vocal, lo-fi rock band. Something about the way she sings brings a whole other level of coolness to the music. Check out CYRK for free here.

Cate Le Bon “Puts Me To Work” by Controlgroupco

Another new band that I have come across is Trailer Trash Tracys. Yet another female lead vocalist in a chilled wave, rock and roll band. Their release is called Ester. This album is more electronic than the Cate le Bon album, but still has some cool guitar/bass lines that comes through and set the tone. check out some of the new album here, and catch the awesome single “You Wish You Were Red” below.

Last but not least is the new single from Sleight Bells called “Comeback Kid.” Very classic Sleigh Bells hard/dirty pop. I can’t really say it is dub-step, but it is still very catchy. Their new album Reign Of Terror is due out at the end of next month so look for that.

Comeback Kid by Sleigh Bells

The Man of Portugal

Portugal. The Man’s newest album In The Mountain In The Cloud came out a week ago, and I can’t stop listening to it. It is really good, very indie pop-rock with high swooning vocals. Not only are the singles, “So American” and “Got It All (This Can’t Be Living),” really good, but the album as a whole has a great vibe to it. Stream it for free here.

Another band that I came across is The Front Bottoms. They remind me of Jared Mees & The Grown Children. With that whimsical summer indie-rock sound. Check them out here.
Lastly, check out GorillavsBear for a free download of the newest Neon Indian track from their upcoming album Era Extrana due out September 13th.