Live: The Dirty Nil

The Dirty Nil based out of Ontario, Canada are raw as hell. This is a wonderful thing. Reminiscent of punks shows I attended as a teen, you get a sense of this rawness in their album, “Higher Power.” But you really feel its impact live. I was able to catch their show 05/27/16 at The Analog Theatre and I’m stoked I did. They seem to have this kinetic energy that draws you into their performance. They are a dynamic band that scale various rock styles and do it with such style you don’t seem to notice how ranged they are until after the show is over and you’re heading home satisfied but wanting more. The tracks are quick and hit you hard and fast. After the show I didn’t have enough Dirty Nil so I went home and quickly threw on their album. The Dirty Nil are currently on tour with THE SO SO GLOS. When they come back through Portland, I highly suggest you pay the price of admission to find out that Rock and Roll isn’t dead.



BOYS + King Brat

New music from two bands that will be at Treefort Music Fest next week. They just released a split EP together and it is fantastic. First is Missoula, MT band BOYS. These guys have a great garage punk-rock sound to them. Really fuzzy guitar riffs and open cymbals make for a dizzying, drunken effect, perfect for late night parties in someones basement. They play Friday night (3/27) at Knitting Factory.

King Brat is from Boise and unfortunately Treefort will be their last performance as a band. But it’s not too late to enjoy their music. King Brat also has that punk-rock sound, but leans a little to emo spectrum. They have great songwriting along with fast paced guitar riffs that make for super catchy dance music. Make sure to catch them after BOYS on Friday night.

It’s Tuesday!

Wow what a big release day today. Wilco’s The Whole Love, Blink-182’s Neighborhoods, Mastodon’s The Hunter, Dum Dum Girls’ Only In Dreams, and Sleep ∞ Over’s Forever.
The Whole Love is Wilco’s seventh studio album and it does not fail to please. Much of the good ol’ Wilco sound is still there, but with a new kind of rock energy that comes forth. If you are a Wilco fan, I highly recommend it. Listen to it here.
Speaking of a seventh studio album, Blink-182 is back with Neighborhoods. Though their sound has matured over the years, Neighborhoods has a bunch of punky-rock pop songs on it. I was quite surprised since I thought they were going to put out another sappy pop album. Plus Travis Barker is probably one of the best drummers alive today. Check it out here.
I’m really excited to finally put an actual metal band on here. Yay! Mastodon comes out with their latest The Hunter. Super rock is what I have to say about them, never disappointing. Though I don’t know a lot of their older music, I am really enjoying this new album. It’s here for a free listen.
With their sophomoric effort, Only In Dreams, the Dum Dum Girls slowed down the tempo just a little bit. Though it sounds more poppy I feel like it’s more of a complete album for them. I am in love with the song “Coming Down” so make sure you check that out and the rest of the album here.
Finally last but definitely not least Sleep ∞ Over’s debut full length Forever is probably my favorite one today. I think the best way to describe it is ambient meets chill wave meets electronica. The synths lay out the landscape while the vocals paint this amazing picture of the cosmos. Check out the video to the single “Casual Diamonds” below.

Back To The Music

Since last time I have updated there has been a lot of cool new stuff.

Male Bonding came out with their second full length album Endless Now. They have a great post-punk sound that is reminiscent of Blink-182. Stream it herefor free.

Purity Ring has put out a new single that is wicked awesome. They will be playing at the Doug Fir Lounge in Portland next Thursday. Check out all their releases here.
Another up and coming band is Balam Acab. They just came out with their debut album Wander/Wonder. It is really beautiful, it is what chill wave is all about. Check out some of their older stuff here and listen to the single from it below.
Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks have also put out their latest full length album this month titled Mirror Traffic. Listen to it via NPR.

New Punk

So good news, Male Bonding is coming out with a new album at the end of August via Sup Pop Records. They have such a great pop-punk sound, their new single, “Bones,” sounds reminiscent of Blink-182 and is available here. If you’re not familiar with Male Bonding here is the single from their debut album Nothing Hurts.

This next band I came across a couple of weeks ago. They are called Street Eaters. Not only do they kick ass with their driving bass lines and rocking drums, but the singer is a chick, and their is nothing hotter than a punk rock girl. Stream the album for free here.