New Music Galore

Today is a great day! Also there is some great music that got released yesterday. New PS I Love You, Here We Go Magic, Dana Buoy, and Silversun Pickups. PS I Love You’s second full length album Death Dreams is another great release for this Canadian duo. Like the last album there is the ever present guitars blasting through your speakers, yet there are some tracks that slow down and have more a melody style to it, such as “Don’t Go” and “How Do You.” You can listen to the entire album over at Paste Magazine, make sure you listen to “Sentimental Dishes” and “Saskatoon.”
Next up is Here We Go Magic with their third full length album titled, A Different Ship. I feel like this is the kind of album you put on your iPod and walk around outside on a summer day, then you find yourself dancing along with it and you decide that you don’t really care if people look at you funny. It has a cool blend of indie folk rock with driving drum beats. I really enjoy the single “How Do I Know,” it really is a good example of the whole album. Check it out below.

Dana Buoy (Akron Family) has released his first solo album called Summer Bodies. This album is really cool, elements of pop, rock, dance, and some electro. He describes his album as “Tropicore” which I agree full heartily. My favorite tracks are below.

Last up is the Silversun Pickups. I was disappointed with their Swoon album to be honest, but the new album Neck Of the Woods sounds fantastic. I believe they have matured as a band and are developing into the sound that they want to put out into the world. Though I still have a special place for their first album Carnavas, I really dig this new album. They have a couple of tracks that mess around with time signature and as always have some great syncopated drumming rhythms. Overall this album is pretty good, SSPU puts in some new elements like synthesizers and shredding solos. Though I would like to hear more driving bass lines, I think Neck Of The Woods came out pretty well. Decide for yourself below.

New Peaking Lights

Last year Peaking Lights came out with one of my favorite albums 936. They are now back with a new album, Lucifer, which comes out in June around the 19th. Be on the lookout for that. In the meantime you can enjoy the new mixtape that they put out below.

Also coming out with a new album this year is PS I Love You. Their debut album Meet Me At the Muster Station is such a rock anthem it melts my face off just listening to the recording! Death Dreams is set to come out May 9th, and so far the two singles sound AMAZING! Check them out for yourselves below.