Mothers of Gut + Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

I came across Mothers of Gut while looking at the Family Times Records website. I listened to the track that was on there, “The Summer Century,” and was instantly taken away by this band. The best way to explain them is a kind of psychedelic dream synth-pop groovy-ness. Check out their album on bandcamp and find out for yourself. (I recommend listening to this album with some good headphones)

After much deliberation (not that much), I decided to pick up the new debut Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. album, It’s A Corporate World. It’s really good. They are a mix of The Shins, The Radio Dept., and Ra Ra Riot. So they have that awesome indie guitar sound with a cool chill beat and cool use of vocals. Well you should check out the video, then check out more of their music here.