Ah God

New music from Portland’s Ah God. The self-titled album is a mesh of groovy rock and roll tunes. Ah God has an awesome psychedelic DIY sound to them. The album starts of with “Acid Genes,” a dizzingly psych-pop track with big drums, heavily modified vocals, and a catchy guitar riff. Then the sound goes to an acoustic guitar accompanied by falsetto vocals with “Sun Down on Fertile Ground.” This whole album by Ah God has that aesthetically pleasing, recorded in a basement, feel to it. Ah God sounds sort of like building your own spaced-themed fort, then tripping acid in it, but just the right amount of acid where things get a little weird and you end up making out with one of your best childhood friends, then in the morning you’re confused because you’ve always thought of her as your friend, but you’re also proud of yourself for making a move. I think that’s what they were going for. My favorite track on the album is “Don’t Know How That’ll Blossom.” Buy it on cassette here!


It’s new music from Máscaras, a local Portland 3-piece band. Their new album is called Máscara vs. Máscara. These guys blend high energy psych-rock with an edge of experimental elements, all rolled up in a fury of instrumental expressionism. Máscara vs. Máscara starts off with “Burgers & Balrog,” a track that instantly lets you know that these guys aren’t messing around. With a surfy guitar riff and incredible drumming, it is extremely easy to become enchanted with Máscaras. “City In Ruins” is one of my favorite tracks on the album. The guitar solo just demands for you to rock out as hard as possible, then the drums demand to take it up a notch. Another favorite song of mine is the closer “Going Home.” Máscara vs. Máscara by Máscaras demands your attention, and once you hit play that’ll be all you can do for 23 minutes.

Sun Blood Stories

Brand new album from Sun Blood Stories called Twilight Midnight Morning. This Idaho band have a sweet droney style of music. Sun Blood Stories craft a witchy concoction of brooding drone-rock. The opening track “Palace Mountain Mirage” opens the album with an excellent slide guitar riff that sets the mood for the rest of Twilight Midnight Morning. Tracks 4 (Witch Wind) and 6 (Night Tremor) have a more highly driven bass line that makes for more of a psychedelic-metal feel to it. My favorite track on the record is the finale “Misery is Nebulous.” Sun Blood Stories brings such great musicianship to this record, and it sounds amazing, so go listen to it and support independent artists.

Coma Serfs

A new EP recently released by Portland band, Coma Serfs. The EP is called Ready Or Not America! Here Come the Coma Serfs. The five song EP is a rumbling soundtrack to high energy party times. Coma Serfs have a psychedelic pop sound to them, bordering on the edge of chaos. Surfy guitar riffs, driving drum beats, and reverb vocals make up the sound for the Coma Serfs EP. Check ’em out.

Prefort 2015


The second wave of artists for Treefort Music Fest was announced last Friday. With the announcement came Foxygen, of Montreal, Built To Spill, Delicate Steve, and so many more. Of course here at Killing Sasquatch we look at the the bottom and share with you some bands that sound great even in the small print.

First up we have Triathalon from Savannah, GA. They have a chill rock ‘n’ roll sound to them. Really catchy guitar riffs along with driving drum beats make up most of the tracks from Triathalon. Their album Lo-Tide came out last October and sounds really great. My favorite track is “Swells.”

Next up is a band from Memphis, TN called Spaceface. Their sound is psychedelic pop, and they have super solid songwriting. Every song from their self-titled EP is captivating. Spaceface has great syncopation in the rhythm section, with the guitar parts throwing out cool lines.

We’ll end the post with a local Boise artist called Transistor Send. Their six song album, Ships, came out in December. It is full of chill electronic beats along with sweet high-flying guitar solos. Transistor Send makes good music, whether it’s listening to it by yourself or at a party, it’s music for every occasion. I’m really excited to see Transistor Send at Treefort 2015.
Will you be there?