Live At Mississippi Studios: Pure Bathing Culture + Lemolo

Last night was a great show that featured one of Portland’s newest most popular bands, Pure Bathing Culture. But up first was Seattle duo Lemolo. They put on an awesome show. These two ladies know how to put out a lot of sound. With cool, spacious keys, warm guitar riffs, and some expert drumming they filled up the venue with great music that could easily be the soundtrack to a night road trip. Lemolo’s brand new album, The Kaleidoscope, just came out last week and you don’t want to miss out. Check it out below, my favorites include “Open Air,” “Letters,” and “On Again, Off Again.”

After an absolutely stunning performance from Lemolo came Bryan John Appleby and his band. Though at first a little more acoustic and along the lines of singer/songwriter it soon turned into an awesome rocking anthem. With a voice that could be reminiscent of Ben Gibbard and a sound that comes more from country/folk-rock, the combination has a great outcome. The band is equipped with a lap/slide guitar and banjo along with the more contemporary instruments. I have been really digging on their Fire On The Vine album which you can listen to below.

As the set change after Bryan John Appleby started to settle down, the little venue of Mississippi Studios started to fill up to capacity. Pure Bathing Culture is definitely one of the most popular bands here in Portland already. Having just started as a duo in January, they now have an EP and are a four piece band with this being the debut of the new drummer. They not only played the popular songs but came out with a couple of brand new tracks as well. Pure Bathing Culture has a sound that is pretty similar to Beach House but more of a 80s pop-rock feel instead of the dreamy-pop. You can catch Pure Bathing Culture at the PDX Pop Now! festival next weekend or at MFNW.

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Live At Holocene: AU + Pure Bathing Culture

Last night was the celebration of Holocene’s 9th birthday. One of the best music and bar venues in Portland, Holocene put a great ticket together for their birthday. Houndstooth played first and had one of their best sets that I’ve seen, solidifying them as one of my favorite local bands to see live. They played a couple of new songs last night, so hopefully they will be putting some new recordings out soon.
Next up was the three piece band, Stay Calm. They have an awesome sound that includes heavy fuzz guitar, swirling keys, a dancing drum beat, and of course lovely female vocals. This band is definitely worth catching live, they will rock your socks off.

After Stay Calm performed more people piled in to see one of the best new bands in Portland, Pure Bathing Culture. This band is really good not only on record but to see live as well. It makes sense that Willamette Week has named them in the top 5 new bands in Portland. Their new EP is out now so make sure you pick up a copy.

The final band for the night was AU. Comprised of keyboardist and drummer, this experimental prog-rock band puts out a lot of great noise. They have a high degree of technical skills on their instruments as heard on their newest release Both Lights. They also have a trio that joined them on stage playing clarinet, saxophone, and trombone. Making their sound bolder and more robust and generally great.

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Cool Portland Bands

Got a couple more great local Portland, OR bands for you all today. First up is Tango Alpha Tango. They will be coming out with their newest full length album in the next couple months, but until then this rock ‘n’ roll band has a really great 3-track release that you can listen to below. Tango Alpha Tango has a great mix of blues, folk, and rock and roll. I’m really excited to hear more from this band in the up coming months. You can download the first track “Kill & Haight” for free here.

Next up is a band that has been featured as one of the best new bands in Portland, they are Pure Bathing Culture. This pop band duo has a really chill sounding vibe that has great vocals and a semi 80s touch to their tunes. Their debut EP is set to come out on May 22nd and you can pre-order it here. You can hear some of their tracks below.