Social Studies + Summer Heart

Two more great bands for everyone today. Starting off with the San Francisco five piece band Social Studies. Their sophomore full length album Developer came out last week. Social Studies is a rock infused pop band that has intricate melodies and amazing vocals to give their sound a bluesy kind of feel to it. Sometimes the guitar gets a little buried behind the drums and keys, but when it comes up in full force, it shreds your face off. It’s hard to say that this is a pop album with all the other types of influences implanted into their songs. I really enjoy Developer and you should go out and buy it, or at least listen to it below. My favorite tracks are “Delicate Hands” and “You Still Laughing.”

Next up is Swedish artist Summer Heart. His latest full length About A Feeling came out back in April this year. This chillwave sound is very creative. Summer Heart’s technique on auto-tune is very interesting, whether it’s used for layering vocals or for the main vocal track makes his sound much more unique. Besides the vocals though there is cool clangy guitars and well used keys and synthesizers throughout the tracks. Though maybe not my favorite album of the year, About A Feeling has several gems that I’ve been putting on repeat. “Rusted Scars,” “I Wanna Go,” and “Los Angeles Lies” are my favorites that have been wearing out my speakers, so check them out below.

More New Releases

A lot of great new music dropped this week; Grimes, Sleigh Bells, and Dustin Wong. Oh, not to mention a brand new album from Cursive. The latest one from the legendary indie band is called I Am Gemini. This album has really great rock. Great classic Cursive sound with some new elements that are added. Check out the entire album here.
Next up is another rocking band called Sleigh Bells. Their second album Reign Of Terror is all up in your face. The classic rock influence mixed with intrusive pop is Sleigh Bells’ style and they show that with this album again. Check out the new one here.
Another Treefort Music Fest performer, Dustin Wong, also came out with an album this week called Dreams Say, View, Create, Shadow Leads. If you love the band Delicate Steve, you will love Dustin Wong. He handles each song with great care, with master guitar layering and an amazing build up for every track. It’s a really great album, mostly instrumental with some jam band qualities to it. Check out some of his stuff here and buy his album here and also check out the trippy video below.

Last but not least is the brand new one from Grimes titled Visions. She has a great voice and amazing talent in the electro-pop field of music. Bouncy synth bass with the high falsetto vocals makes a some what dub-y quality to her music. Check out the album here.

Happy Tuesday! Here’s Some New Music

What a great day it is today. Valentines, the anniversary of Oregon becoming a state, and it’s my Friday! So let’s celebrate with some new releases today.
First up is Heartless Bastards with their latest effort Arrow. Some really awesome rock ‘n’ roll on this album. Put some smoky female vocals on top of that care free type of rock and you got yourself a great album. Check out all of it below then go buy it on their website here. Make sure to check out that “Only For You” track.

Next is a band called Field Music. Their latest album Plumb is a much different affair than Heartless Bastards. Field Music is a kind of pop, folk, psychedelic rock band. It’s a pretty cool and unique sound that they have going on. Check them out here.
I believe I shared this next band a couple weeks ago but they did finally come out with their first full length Melt. I’m talking about the band Young Magic. Man, oh man! I love this album. Quite possibly an early contender for album of the year. Great chill wave sounds coming from these guys, a great debut album. Check it out below then buy it via Carpark Records here.

Sharing Is Caring

As much as I love brand new music, sometimes it’s fun to go back and listen to albums that you haven’t heard for a while. That’s what I did this past weekend and was pleasantly reminded how great these artists are.
First is The Besnard Lakes. This band is great. I mean great vocal work, great guitar ambiance and layering, and great songwriting. This is the kind of band that should be popular, but aren’t. My favorite song/video is below and if you like that check out their stuff here. I really like the “Dark Horse” album.

Next up is a killer guitar band Fang Island. High flying guitars and awesome harmonics make up their self titled debut. Check out their bandcampand listen to it for free. They are really fun to listen to. Also stayed tuned, there will be a new album very soon.

Why? is one of the best hybrid bands out there. Combining a great original hip-hop vocal delivery with a rockin’ undertow of baselines and sweet guitar solos. Definitely one of my favorite albums of all time is their 3rd album Alopecia. Check out all of their music here.
For all of you new music junkies, how about one of my favorite bands The Shins. They just put out the new single “Simple Song” for their next album Port Of Morrow due out March 20th.

It’s Been A While

Hello everyone, I know it has been quite some time since I updated last, but to make it up this post will have a lot of great indie music that you should consider for the holiday season.
First up is Gross Magic, they are kind of like MGMT on the edge of control. Driving synthesizer bass lines, with drugged out vocals make for a great soundtrack for a great night out. Check out Teen Jamz EP here. Also the best bonus track “Yesterdays” for a free download here.
Looking for something that makes you want to rock out? Check out Hypatia Lake’s newest album Ouroboros here. It is totally kick ass, the basic necessity of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Just remember that without the roll there would be no rock.
The New Division is a band that is kind of an 80s indie pop-rock throwback. Their latest album Shadows is super catchy so you should definitely check it out here. I don’t really know what else to say about them so go and listen to it yourself.
Next up is People Get Ready. This band is really cool, awesome guitar work and cool jazz-pop drum rhythms make up their newest self-titled EP. Check it out here and get ready to be taken away.
Salem is kind of my new crush. I freakin love their newest album King Night. It has a little of everything, it’s mostly instrumental hip-hop mixed with some dubstep and epic-ness. You can listen to it here for free none the less.
Last but not least is Wye Oak’s new covers 7″ with “Strangers”(The Kinks cover) and “Mother”(Danzig cover).  I really think that the Mother cover is one of the best covers I’ve heard in a long time. Check them out here. I would put the video on here, but it is sponsored by Starbucks, a corporation I do not support.
I will be working on my top albums of the year list in the upcoming weeks, so I might not post again until that time.