The D Is Back!

What a great release day it is! Tenacious D is back and more awesomer than before. With their newest release Rize Of The Fenix, Tenacious D puts themselves into the upper plateau of the rock gods. With songs about how low hanging fruits taste good to the life of a roadie, this 41 minute pure rock album will not only blow your minds into a state of pure other dimensional bliss but it has the potential to solve every dilemma of man since the dawn of time. You can listen to the entire album below after the great video.

Not only did that album come out today but two other great ones came out as well. Starting with the duo band Best Coast and their second full length titled, The Only Place. This album sounds great, and though Best Coast has moved more to a more polished quality finish, their songwriting remains very much the same. They move away from the DIY surf pop to a more pop rock kind of style. Still a really good album you guys, check it out over at NPR.
Last but not least is the highly anticipated fourth full length release of Baltimore, MD band Beach House’s Bloom. I have had the singles “Myth” and “Lazuli” on repeat for the last couple of weeks and the rest of the album does not disappoint. I really enjoy this album a lot, it flows together really nicely and I feel like I get lost in the super chill sound of Beach House. Check out the album in its entirety here.