Need some subdued tunes for hiding from the hot sun? Is/Is is your jam. Their cool shoegazey cosmic pop is a solar eclipse for your ears. The songs keep good rhythmic progressions and pleasant dreamy melodies which mix together and just sound great. The track “Rune” showcases Is/Is’s psych sensibilities, with a sound reminscent to My Bloody Valentine or early Besnard Lakes. The very next track “Sideways” shows more of an interest in garage rock with a nod to 90’s revivalism. This is what makes Is/Is successful, their seamless blending of everything we love. Their live shows are highly recommended. Lucky for you, Portlander, they’re playing Star Theater with Ancient River on July 9th, and Mississippi Studios with The Coathangers and Marriage and Cancer July 18th.

White Rainbow

Check out this disc that dropped back in February. Five years in the making, it’s called THRU.U by White Rainbows. If you’re looking for a massive dose of sunshine–like enough to leave you with a little sunburn on your ears– then have a listen to THRU.U. The album starts off with Batman Palace, a starry-eyed number which vibrates with upbeat drum machines and distant reverb’d vocals saying “it feels alright.” It sure does. Cuban Egg is a funky super reprise which leads us into Killswitch, basically approaching the pinnacle of ambient EDM. More funky and psych vibes float through in Don’t Wait which take liberties that distinguish White Rainbows from other producers like Odesza or Shlohmo. The mood remains that of subdued elation, evoking the type of happiness that comes from anticipation. Trance, dance, trap, and fun. White Rainbows– get down.

Live at Doug Fir: Red Fang, Aan, WL

Tuesday was Portland’s first Red Bull Sound Select showcase where three awesome local PDX groups come together and shred the Doug Fir. A mixture of new-wave, post-rock, and doom metal fans RSVP’d for three bucks to see up-and-comers WL, our favorite local dreamcatchers Aan, and the untouchable stoner outfit Red Fang. We snagged our very first interview with Aan to talk about their new album Amor Ad Nauseum out in February.



WL is always a joy in concert. With a sophisticated and stripped down sound, they don’t leave much not to like.



Aan is an ethereal beast. Leadman Bud Wilson works in patches of color and swaths of shimmering light. The powerful songwriting and lo-fi aesthetic recall Modest Mouse, but Aan is more. They’re Portland’s unsung pioneers of pop music for a new dawn. We crave this experimental, vaguely spiritual quality in our music. And Aan gives us this. Their debut album Amor Ad Nauseum comes out February 4th. Listen to their polished up version of Wet & Dripping off Amor Ad Nausium and check out what Aan had to tell Killing Sasquatch about their LP, touring with Smashing Pumpkins, and more.